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How to Sew a Kawaii Mouth on Crochet

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Adding a little mouth to crocheted stuffies completely changes their appearance. Learn how to add a Kawaii mouth to any crocheted animal with this quick and easy tutorial.

kawaii mouth crochet

How to Sew a Kawaii Mouth on Crochet

Adding a smile to crochet makes all the difference! A Kawaii mouth is easily recognizable and adds the perfect amount of adorableness to your next crocheted piece. It’s the little “V” that creates an adorable little smirk that gets me.

whale crochet stuffie pattern

How do you crochet a smile mouth?

The quickest and easiest way to add a different look to crochet is to make a Kawaii mouth. This technique uses a very small amount of black embroidery floss and you can make many mouths from just one skein. If you do not have black embroidery floss you can use a scrap of thin black yarn.

how to sew kawaii crochet

Written instructions for a Kawaii mouth can be confusing. Because of the way we are inserting the needle into the same spot twice, its much easier to grasp this concept in video format. Scroll down to see that video in action.

how to sew a kawaii mouth to crochet

What is Kawaii style?

The word Kawaii can be interpreted as “cute” or “sweet” in Japanese. It may also be interpreted as adorable or loveable. In crochet terms the Kawaii is the mouth shape created that makes stuffed animals or other creatures a distinctive look. I think these little mouths do just that!

What do you need to make a Kawaii mouth?

To make a Kawaii mouth you’ll need black embroidery floss and a sewing needle. I prefer to use the larger sewing needles because they are easier to thread when you’re using all of the strands of embroidery floss.

The simple shapes of a Kawaii mouth can be added to just about any crocheted stuffy. This could be one of the bookmarks in the Bookmark Collection or for a creature on a crocheted baby lovey like this whale.

Kawaii Mouth Steps:

1. Thread a sewing needle with black embroidery floss.

2. Insert needle right to left with the point coming out about 2 stitches over. Pull stitch through. Leave beginning tail for now.

3. Insert needle in the same spot as the first stitch with the point coming out diagonally downward and centered between the two points. Make sure that the strand of embroidery floss is underneath the point of the sewing needle before pulling the stitch through.

4. Insert needle directly below centermost point of the mouth. Secure with a simple knot. Feed embroidery floss through the back of the stuffy and clip yarn.

Thread the needle with the beginning tail and feed the through to the back of the head and clip yarn.

kawaii mouth crochet tutorial

sew kawaii mouth crochet

That’s it! If you prefer to watch this Kawaii mouth video tutorial on YouTube you can find that here. Be sure to subscribe while you’re there!

Kawaii Mouth Video:


Sometimes all it takes is a little Kawaii mouth, adding in some simple eyes (such as these safety eyes on Amazon), to really set your crocheted doll or stuffie off. I hope you love this technique!

sew kawaii mouth crochet

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