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24 Crochet and Food Recipe Duos

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When you think crochet, you don’t often think food. Alternately, when you think food you don’t typically think crochet. Today we’re changing that because these 24 awesome crochet and food pairings go together like peanut butter and jelly – or like yarn and hook! 😉

Crochet & Food Pairings

24 Crochet and Food Recipe Duos

Often times I’ll be using a color of yarn and it makes me think of a food that I ate once, or dinner will inspire a new project. I’m beginning to think there’s a reason that yarn color ways are often named after foods.

Sometimes when I am using my Kitchen Mixer to make butter or homemade Bisquick, I can hear the voice of one of my friends saying “Make a cover for a kitchen mixer!” All the while I’m thinking “Girl, you can crochet too!” 🤣 Truth is though, I really should make a cover for that…

thanksgiving table runner free crochet pattern

While I wish that I could crochet something super useful like a spatula or cup that could actually be used rather than just for decoration, sometimes crocheted items inadvertently enhance a food that you’ve made. Tables for example are quite boring, but with placemats or table runners, they can be prettied up quickly.

Don’t you love when you can try a recipe and find a crocheted item that pairs with it? Whether it’s for practical uses, presenting, storage, or they pair up with an event or holiday, these 24 food and crochet duos work so well together.

24 Crochet and Food Pairings

1. Casserole Carrier and Bierock Casserole  If you want to make a great housewarming present, or any other take along meal, for someone, then this combo is perfect. You can bring a meal in a disposable pan (less clean up and no feeling like they need to return something), not burn yourself in transit, and leave a carrier for them to reuse for years.

2. Wine Glass Lanyard and Not Yet Bloody Mary Mix  Sometimes you want wine and sometimes you want a good Bloody Mary. Now you can wear, or carry, your drink with you as you mingle at a party, do some housework, or just meandering around the garden. It’s your drink and I don’t judge.

3. Quick and Easy Bowl Cozy and Broccoli and Cheese Soup  Never burn your fingers again when eating your favorite hot meal with this bowl cozy. One of my favorite soups to make is this creamy broccoli and cheese soup. It’s so satisfying on a cold day.

4. Fruit Hammock and Banana Pear Smoothie with Oats  Do you want a cute option to store fruit, such as bananas and pears? This hammock makes grabbing a healthy snack easier and looks oh so cute. While you have those fruits handy, make up this delicious smoothie that you can feel good about consuming.

5. Holly Jolly Poncho and Cranberry Christmas Punch  This tangy, slightly sweet punch can be made with or without alcohol and would look so classy in a champagne glass while wearing this festive poncho. The red and white combo of both the poncho and the punch is reminiscent of Poinsettias on snow. So Christmassy!!

6. Mini Blind Duster, Llama Dusting Mitt, and Copycat Wallaby Darned  Okay hear me out… We all hate cleaning and when we do have to adult and do it, we want get it over with as soon as possible. The dusters make light of cleaning, but definitely get the job done. Mix in a yummy drink and you’ll be done in no time flat. You might start talking to your Llama by the end, but I won’t tell. 😉

7. Outdoor Table Mat and Best Summertime Cucumber Salad  Barbeques are the epitome of summertime. The next time that you are having a get together, make a bunch of table mats to spruce up your outdoor table. If you have a garden, and grow your own cucumbers, then make a cucumber salad to impress your guests.

8. An Egg-cellent Apron and Easy Cheesy Spinach Quiche  We have all been shell shocked by the price of eggs lately, and now some have been thinking of raising their own. Unfortunately those prices have increased too, so maybe we should just make an apron to barter for some eggs instead. These also make great Easter egg aprons for the kids too. Once you get your eggs, a quiche is a great way to showcase that ingredient.

9. Patriotic Vest with Fringe and Patriotic Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberry Bites  So you are a lover of the red, white, and blue, and you’re looking for a sweet snack that celebrates that love, well look no further friend, with these strawberry bites you’ll get just that. You also need a new airy vest to wear around to share your patriotic pride.

10. Nutmeg Nibbles Placemat and Non Traditional Thanksgiving Ideas  Thanksgiving is the best food holiday. The family gathered around the table, each with their own place mat. However, sometimes you’re left with so many leftovers that you need to find creative and non-traditional ways to serve them again for dinner without the family revolting. If you have issues with guests all bringing the same thing, then next year make a printable meal planner.

11. Hanging Baskets, Summertime Green Apple Cole Slaw, and Apple Spiral Bake  Do you have some apples that need to be used soon? Are they chilling in their hanging basket and judging you as you walk by? Well then slice and dice them and throw them in either a sweet or savory dish. Yumm!

12. Patriotic Mason Jar Covers and Bring it Again Broccoli Salad  Do you go all out for the 4th of July or Memorial Day? When you are hosting or going to a party, make some mason jar covers. They work great for silverware holders or to keep track of your drink. My Broccoli salad is a crowd pleaser and great to take take along too.

13. Team Spirit Beanie and 7 Layer Dip  Did you watch the Super Bowl this year? My Chiefs brought it home again! While I don’t know if it was because I was sporting my Chiefs inspired beanie, but it didn’t hurt. If you are at a Super Bowl party and you are not there for the football, then you are there for the snacks. A crowd favorite is always the 7-Layer Dip.

14. Pot Scrubber and Best Crock-Pot Beer Chili  If you’ve made a crock-pot of chili and forgot (or ran out of) liners, then you have probably needed a good scrubber to get all of the baked on bits off. Once you taste this chili though, cleaning up afterwards will be well worth it.

15. Grilling Apron, Bacon Wrapped Fatty, and Pickle Lover’s Potato Salad  Can you pinpoint the smell of summer? Is it the fresh cut grass, the chlorine of the pools, or the aroma of seared meats? I love a good grilling session and a grilling apron keeps your hands free so that you can tend to the meats. Add in a potato salad and you’re on your way to epic summer nights.

16. Yoga Mat Bag and Easy 20-Minute Lettuce Wraps  I really enjoy a relaxing yoga class and I was tired of lugging around a mat, so I made a mat bag that was as pretty as it is functional. Before or after exercising I prefer to eat light and lettuce wraps always hit the spot for me.

17. Jack Sparrow inspired Halloween Costume and Creepy Feet-Loaf  A creepy Feet-Loaf is the perfect spread for a Halloween dinner. It’s creepy and tasty. If you have a Pirates of the Caribbean or pirate fan, then transform them with a costume that will last for years.

18. Voluminous Tank Top and Minty Fattoush Salad   This is the perfect tank top for all body types and will keep you cool at a summertime barbeque. Wow your friends with a take along salad and an outfit that you made yourself. They’ll wonder what you can’t do. 😉

19. 30 Minute Trivet and Creamy Taco Soup with Rice  Who said that Taco Tuesday had to be served in a tortilla? In almost the simmering time required to finish the soup you can make the beautiful trivet to serve it on. This motif style trivet uses bulky #6 cotton, so it will make a surface area faster then using regular sized cotton.

20. Clothesline Trivet and Chocolate Raspberry Crisp for 2  The Chocolate Raspberry Crisp is made in individual ramekins. So that you don’t burn your hands when you serve them, couple them with the trivet. The color contrast is so pretty with the brightness of the berries and the creaminess of the clothesline.

21. Sweet Stripes Can and Bottle Cozy  and How to Make Kombucha  If you want to make your own Kombucha at home, you can pretty up the bottle with the bottle cozy. Everything you need to know about making Kombucha is included. The pattern also includes cup cozy sizes, so you can share a bottle with friends and no one gets their cup mixed up.

22. Crochet Apple with Worm Appliqué or Coaster and Homemade Berry Drink Kompot  While you don’t want a worm in your apple, I think you’ll change your mind with these cuties. If you are having a fall party, then these coasters would be perfect served with the crisp Berry Kompot.

23. Easy Crochet Mug Rug and Best Hot Chocolate  Nothing pairs better than a mug rug and a cup of hot chocolate. This 4 ingredient hot chocolate makes up quickly and so does the mug rug. Using about 35 yards of yarn each, these make great stash busters too.

24. The Ridgeline Mug Rug and Yummy Peanut Butter Bars  Fancy up your snack time by serving the peanut butter bars with these cute mug rugs. The colors used match with the bars so perfectly that I feel like I need to make them in more colors to match every snack that I make.

Did you find new inspiration for your next meal or crochet project? Hopefully I didn’t make you too hungry with that list. 😆

awesome crochet and food pairings

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