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It’s Shawl Good Cardigan Crochet Pattern

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Can I tell you a secret? Until recently I had never made an honest to goodness triangle shawl. Crazy, right? I also have an obvious passion for cardigans soooo this lead me to design my very first shawl cardigan (aka “shawligan”), a fringed triangle shawl with sleeves crochet pattern; the It’s Shawl Good Cardigan! Oh, so punny!

It's Shawl Good Cardigan

It’s Shawl Good Cardigan

I have an affinity for lightweight, flowy tops that we can wear over a tank top, to dress up an otherwise boring shirt for work, or to a nice dinner, etc. When looking for these types of tops, I look for nice, flowy sleeves. I also look for the option to close said top, and who doesn’t love fringe?! Okay, okay, the fringe is optional, but… FRINGE!

And the child sizes are free!

Size 12 – 18 Month
Size 2/3T
Size 4/6
Size 6/8/10
Size 12/14/16

Here is the companion VIDEO for this pattern! Get the pattern on Ravlery, Etsy, or in the Heart Hook Home shop.

YouTube video
There is enough fabric that you could allow the front to drape open almost like a shawl, or you could use the closure (hook & eye closure, a button closure, or a tie closure) for chillier nights or for more coverage. 

Here it is open and shawl-like…

Triangle crochet shawl with fringe and sleeves

And here it is closed using the hook & eye closure…

Triangle shawl with sleeves crochet pattern with fringe

I had no less than TEN testers for this pattern, all ranging in size and experience. I simply could not offer my premium patterns with confidence without them. A HUGE shout out to my awesome testers!!

Triangle shawl with Fringe

There are FOUR adult sizes to this pattern: small, medium, large, and venti.

Small (up to size 8)
Medium (up to size 16)
Large (up to 3XL)
Venti (up to 6XL)

Get the pattern on Ravlery here.

This pattern requires remarkably little yarn. We are looking to use a nice, heavy, but LIGHTWEIGHT, size yarn; we want a nice drape, which the heavier yarn provides, but in a yarn thickness that is on the thinner side. Suggested yarns for this pattern include:

Sugarwheel Cotton Cakes
*Granny’s Recipe colorway pictured

Lion Brand Cupcake (discontinued, but similar to Mandala)
*Street Lights colorway pictured, the yarn is a bit airy for this pattern, but it does turn out beautiful!

Caron Cotton Cakes

Bernat Softee Baby Cotton

I was also considering making one using Caron Simply Soft, since it is a thin but heavier size 4 yarn, to see how it works up, or maybe even Caron Big Cakes. Whichever yarn you choose, here’s about how much yarn you’ll need:

Size S – (up to size 8) – approx. 825 yards w/fringe
Size M – (up to size 16) – approx. 850 yards w/fringe
Size L – (up to 3XL) – approx. 1000 yards w/fringe

I made this one with long sleeves using Red Heart It’s a Wrap Rainbow yarn in “Couture” colorway. It is a little on this thin side for this pattern, but I love it. I used ONE cake for the body, then I color controlled the sleeves (here’s a tutorial for color controlling).

It's Shawl Good using Red Heart It's a Wrap Rainbow yarn

It is perfectly fine for you to sell items made from my patterns, including this pattern. All that I ask is that you link back to this post on Heart Hook Home when selling or listing the item made from this pattern, and giving credit where credit is due. If you do decide to sell what you make using any of my patterns, make sure you are charging enough! Here is a helpful guide on pricing handmade items, and here are my terms of use.

Crochet pattern for sleeved triangle shawl

In this triangle shawl pattern I have decided to try something NEW! I have highlighted the parts of the pattern that may require more attention using RED font. Please let me know if this is something you find helpful when making yours.

Triangle shawl with fringe and sleeves

I love the drape, the coverage, and the feel of the fabric. This may just be my favorite pattern to date!

Get the pattern on Ravlery here. Thank you for your support!

Please share photos of your completed “It’s Shawl Good” cardigan with me by tagging @HeartHookHome on social media, and in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook! I can’t wait to see your creations!

It's Shawl Good triangle shawl with sleeves Crochet pattern

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  1. I love love this pattern, I bought my copy in 2022. I have made for my 10 yr old daughter, my 40+ years sister and now a friend. What I wanted to know is how to make the M size longer without fringes, like to reach the ankles. Please help
  2. I just love this pattern so so much! I have made four and just got an order of Hobbii Universe Christmas. I didn't realize it's fingerling but crossing my fingers it works out. Thanks so much for such a fabulous pattern! I get comments on them all the time!
    1. I am so glad you are getting good use out of the pattern! I used a #1 or #2 weight and it was GORGEOUS!
  3. I bought this pattern right after it came out and I love it. I’ve made these for both children and adults. I have some of your other jacket patterns and love them too. It seems because this jacket style is unusual, the ladies I know who have seen this design choose this as there favorite. Would you consider creating a pattern like this one that could be used to make a jacket for cooler weather?
  4. My granddaughter picked out some yarn and wanted me to make her something. I found this pattern and loved it. Now I have a friend who wants me to make an adult one!
  5. I made this for my 6 year old granddaughter for her birthday last month. I bought the adult size tonight! :) I can't wait to make one for my daughter, both of my sons' wives, and myself!
  6. Hola te felicito un hermoso patron, me interesa adquirir, no soy muy buena con el inglés y ma esta costando trabajo entender como pedirlo, me puedes mandar algún link directo para hacer el pedido por favor gracias
  7. hi I need to know if I can download my pattern or you are mailing it to me please let me know.
  8. Hi there - I am working up the It's a Shawl Good Cardigan in size M - I am currently at the armholes. When I put my arms through it seems very tight and that I should go up a size. Am I correct in thinking the armholes should fit my arms now before moving on? Thanks for your help!
  9. Hello! I just bought the pattern and I'm very excited to make my 1st. I wanted to know, what yarn and colorway were used for the rainbow cardigan thats the thumbnail photo for the video? It's gorgeous and I'd really love to make one like that. Thanks!
    1. Hi Carley! I believe that is Sugarwheel Cotton Cakes in Sprinkles on Top colorway.
  10. I purchased the shawl good cardigan pattern. #100579088 but I don’t know haw to get the pattern on my phone. Can I get some tech help? This is not a repeat. I just don’t know how to retrieve my patterns on your site
  11. I purchased the shawl good cardigan pattern. #100579088 but I don’t know haw to get the pattern on my phone. Can I get some tech help?
  12. Hi! Thank you sooo much for another great pattern!! (I have done your Voluminous Tank, the 4-hour Fall Sweater, and the Easy Peasy Pullover-- ALL which I LOVE and have promised my mom and daughter copies of, in their sizes :D ) I am currently working on this one, after having first making my daughter one in her size.. SOO loving it! Had 2 days to wait for a CC to be able to buy the pattern, so me not being able to wait, I thought I'd get a head start, and work till the armholes.. nope, got the pattern tonight, and come to find out: the larger size(s) have a different pattern for the TC rows.. so... out comes about 20 rows. :/ but no prob!! This pattern is sooo nice to work up, and quite easy, it'll be back together, and done in no time! Will share pics when done, but again: Thank you!!!
  13. I bought your pattern and am making 3 currently... I ordered the 'Red Heart Its A Wrap'which is a super fine 1 weight by mistake instead of the rainbow one which is a fine 2 weight... did you still use a 6.0 mm hook?
  14. hello. I love your shawl pattern and plan on making one. in this add is a beautiful sweater that is blue on the bottom. can you please tell me the name of that pattern. I would love to make it as well. thank you.
  15. I love this Shawl Good, but I would need a venti size. I am concerned about the length. I’m 5’8” but don’t want the center back to drag the ground. Can the length be controlled while making it wide enough? Thanks
  16. Hello Heart Hook I'm making the shawl good cardigan for size 12 do i need to buy the pattern for this size? If not I don't understand the pattern
    1. Hi Roberta! If you need the adult size 12, then yes, you would need to purchase the pattern. If you have trouble with the pattern, you can email me or send me a message on the Heart Hook Home Facebook page, and we can try to get it worked out together.
    2. Hello Heart Hook Home My grand daughter is 11 and I don't know what row to start the arm holes and how many changes to do. thank you, I love the pattern
      1. I have the child size patterns available for free here on my blog. The pattern for sizes 12-16 and can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/its-shawl-good-crochet-pattern-child-size-12-14-16/
  17. Totally love this Shawl -- any tips on how to add a collar if possible? Thank you for this beautiful pattern and You Tube tutorial.
    1. Hi Juliana! I'm glad you like the pattern! As for the collar, personally, I wouldn't do it...I feel it would take away from the overall style of the pattern
  18. I can not for the life of me get row 17 to work. I am using the video and the pattern girls size 6/7/8. The center or my written pattern calls for 4 Tcs. The video calls for 2. If I follow the video I have one too many tcs. If I follow the pattern I have one open stitch at the end. Please help.
    1. The video is for the smallest (baby 12-18m) size. She clearly says -at least 6 times- that you have to follow your pattern regarding stitch count.
  19. Hello! I’ve just purchased this gorgeous pattern on Ravelry. I’m part of your FB group and want to make it up as a vest. I’m afraid the medium may be too small, and that the large may be too big! I wear a 1X and I want the shawl to hang loosely, but I’m afraid a 3X will be too loose. Is there a place in the pattern where I can adjust the width to hit a size in between? Or (better) can you provide bust measurements for the finished medium and large sizes? That would be a huge help. Thank you so much!! Kathy
  20. I am OBSESSED with your pattern, I have made several using Bernat POP! The colours are so beautiful and I LOVE the way each one turns out with the variegated yarn. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! If I make too many can I sell the extras on Etsy as long as I link back to you? I think they will be gobbled up by my friends before I can sell them! Thank you again!
    1. Hi Claudia! I am so glad you have been enjoying the pattern! You can absolutely sell the extras as long as pattern credit gets linked to Heart Hook Home! Thank you for asking and happy crocheting!
  21. Hi Ashlea! Just wondering if you ended up making one with the Caron Simply Soft...? If so, was the amount used in the same general range? Curious because I have several skeins waiting for me to figure out a use for! LOL Thanks!
  22. Ashley, Thank you so much for this pattern. You are amazing... I finally finished my first It’s shawl good shawl. We started building our house in May and I started the shawl. Finishing up fringe and tied ends. I can’t wait to start another one.
  23. I'm making the smallest one for my granddaughter now, and I hope to make one to match for my daughter. Thanks for this pattern.
  24. Would it be possible to see that the shawl looks like latex out? I can’t seem to get the arm holes. Word patterns Ryan very didficult for me. I typically only attempt symbol patterns but. Love this shawl.
    1. Auto correct! Yuck Would it be possible to see a picture of the shawl layed out flat? I can’t seem to get the arm holes. Word patterns are difficult for me to follow.
    2. I can try that, but the way the armholes are worked it won't lay flat. Were you able to get it, and have you seen the video tutorial?
  25. I'm making this right now for my niece. I was thinking of adding a hood to it. Do you have a pattern somewhere I could follow to add a hood?
  26. This is such a beautiful pattern. Unfortunately, as typical, it barely covers any plus sizes. Do you have any suggestions to convert this to a larger size than your largest pattern, I would need to make a 24/26. Thank You.
    1. Hi Alicia! You're in luck, as this pattern has a large size which covers sizes XL-3X (or up to 22/24) and a venti size which goes up to 6X (up to 34/36). Hope this helps!
      1. can I please ask if the 22 is UK or US terms please, Ive just bought the pattern from ravelry and Im confused. Im a UK 22, and got enough wool to make the 3xl (1,149yds) now Im thinking if its US sizing it wont be big enough :-/ x
        1. Hi Nicky! All my sizes are US. I believe a UK 22 is equal to the US 18...so I think you'll be fine with the 3xl. Hope this helps!
  27. I plan on buying the pattern soon. If I use Mandala, how do I get the sleeves match the color stripes in the body, like yours?
    1. Hi Cindy! Here is the link to purchase the adult sizes: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/its-shawl-good-cardigan
  28. I LOVE the yellow and teal look! Can you tell me what yarn that is? I’m definitely looking forward to figuring that pattern out! :)
  29. What size is the one with the gray, yellow & aqua? I think I’m teetering between sizes and that looks like the one I should make?
  30. I bought the pattern but but I wish I didn't all the rows add up till after the opening for the sleeve now I'm stuck. I wish u would have made a video for the adulkt pattern to go along with it.
    1. Hi Minnie! I am sorry you are having trouble! I do have a companion video for this shawl. If after watching you are still struggling, feel free to message me on the Heart Hook Home facebook page or through email and we can get it figured out together. The video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqESpU5Nxb4
    2. I agree with Minnie. I have counted until I have headaches and ripped out so many rows, I could have made 2 shawls. I am not a new crocheter, but for the life of me I can't get this one to come out right. Please do a quick video starting with row 25 to row 27. I have not gone past 27 but I think that would get me over the hump. Thank you.
  31. I love this, can't wait to make it! I have some Mandala yarn I've been wanting to do something with so this will be perfect. I have a thing for Ponchos (my boyfriend calls me the Poncho Queen), so I need to stretch out and try something new that has the same type of boho aesthetic that I love. This is so cute, thank you for the pattern!
  32. I made your Toddler Hoodie and now working in this shawl for me. I’m making mine with Lion Mandala yarn and it’s turning out very nice. I want to make my two young granddaughters this sweater shawl plus a couple more Toddler Hoodies. Really love these patterns!
  33. Stunning!! Thank you for designing this beauty, and sharing it with us Currently trying to choose a yarn. The suggested options are apparently next-to impossible to get hold of here, at least at a reasonable price (just like everything else then!), so looking for alternatives in a colour way i actually like!! Will be making one for myself (pattern is in my cart waiting for payday!), and I've printed the 2T size to make for my twin nieces too. It's so beautiful. PS: Could anyone possibly tell me what the chest measurements are on the finished project of the adult large (up to 3x), and adult medium (up to 16) sizes please? Trying to decide which size would be more suitable and therefore how much yarn I need! Cheers.
  34. Hi I love this pattern but I am not understanding if each side is mirrored why do you have 4 tc on one side and only 3 on the other you say that you dont count the chain 3 but that gives you 4
    1. Hi Heather! Since we are not counting the turning chain as a stitch, then that gives you 3 tc at each end.
  35. I just bought *Yarn Bee* Dee-lish Boutique and Luxe Lollies (2 of each) having no idea what I was going to do with them..can I use them for this shawl????
    1. Hi Terri! One of my testers used the Dee-Lish and it turned out gorgeous! Not too sure about the luxe lollies...it could be a bit too thick, but you could certainly try!
    1. Hi Leesha! I am sorry you are having trouble! You can email me or message me through my Heart Hook Home page on facebook, and we can get it worked out.
  36. Yay! I got the pattern today! Now off to Hobby Lobby for some yarn! This looks like a perfect Christmas gift to me. Thanks Ashlea!