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Painted Canyon Cardigan Crochet Along: Dates, Materials, and Information

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The Painted Canyon Cardigan has been my most popular design to date, and it is easy to see why! With simple stitches, a gorgeous, over-sized hood, and sizes ranging from 6 months to adult 5XL, what’s not to love? This pattern is remarkably easy to crochet – beginner friendly even – which is why I’ve decided we should all make one together in a NEW Crochet Along!

Painted Canyon Cardigan Crochet Along

A Crochet Along is a pattern that is crocheted in parts as a group. We will work this pattern in FOUR parts, with a complete video for each section. Crochet Alongs are fun because we can share our progress with each other as we go in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook.

Painted Canyon Hooded Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Painted Canyon Cardigan

In this Crochet Along you will learn:

The basic construction of a cardigan.

How to sew crochet using the Mattress Stitch.

Exactly where to place your hook so your stitches are more consistent. (specifically across row ends)

How to crochet a hood.

Adding Front Post/Back Post ribbing/edging.

How to sew pockets onto a cardigan.

How to make Half Double Crochet Spike Stitches.

And we will walk through making the sleeves together in a way that will leave you feeling confident making sleeves forever!

Painted Canyon Cardigan Crochet Along

In order to participate, all you have to have is your materials, the pattern for the size(s) you intend to crochet, and the desire to make a cardigan.

PCC part one

The child sizes of the Painted Canyon Cardigan are all free right here on Heart Hook Home. (Although if you like, you can purchase all of the child sizes in one printable file here). If making one of the adult sizes, you will need the pattern which you can find either on Ravelry or Etsy. Your job before Part One is released is to gather your materials. Read on, friend!

Painted Canton Variations for Kids

12 month size free crochet pattern

Crochet Along Materials:

For the Painted Canyon Cardigan, you will need worsted weight yarn in the amounts listed below for the size you’ll be making. I am making the size 2/3T in videos (the adult sizes are just too large to fit in my camera’s frame) so I’ll need about 600 yards of yarn. I will be using Brava Worsted for mine, in the “Dove Heather” and “Avocado” colorways.

Child Sizes:
-approx. 350 yards for 6 month
-approx. 425 yards for 12 month
-approx. 600 yards for size 2/3T
-approx. 800 yards for size 4/5T
-approx. 900 yards for 6/8
-approx. 1100 yards for 10/12

Adult sizes:
-approx. 1200 yards for 0/2
-approx. 1450 yards for 2/4
-approx. 1700 yards for 6/8
-approx. 2000 yards for 10/12
-approx. 2275 yards for 14/16
-approx. 2550 yards for 16/18
-approx. 2850 yards for 18/20
-approx. 3100 yards for 22/24
-approx. 3400 yards for 26/28

You will also need a crochet hook in size J/6mm, or the hook size needed to obtain gauge.

Gauge: 11 hdc sts x 10 rows = 4” square

While I will go over gauge in the first video (aka Part One), you would be a step ahead by making sure that your gauge is good – and the hook size does not need to be adjusted – before we start. If you need help adjusting yours, head on over to this article on gauge that will get you all straightened out and ready to hit the road running!

Dates for this Crochet Along:

Part One –  8/15/2020 can be found HERE.

Part Two – 8/22/2020 can be found HERE.

Part Three – 8/29/2020 can be found HERE.

Part Four – 9/5/2020 can be found HERE.

If you would like to make yours into a unicorn, head over to find the unicorn horn and ears patterns here.

Painted Canyon Cardigan Crochet Along Materials and dates

Sizes of the Painted Canyon Cardigan:

6 Month
12 Month
and all of the ADULT sizes of this pattern (0 – 28W) here.

I’ll see you soon for part one! The crochet along will remain up and available for life. ♥

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  1. Hi my name is Jaslyn and I purchased your adult Painted Canyon Cardigan and so far I'm having fun making it! However I am stuck. After row 38, it jumps to the armhole section, where it starts with row 54 for the size 28W. Am I supposed to continue crocheting straight across until I reach row 54 or do I just start making the arm holes?
  2. May I ask how you determine the rows for the multi-color cardigan? I was unable to find the instructions for how many rows of each color. For the body, the arms, etc. it looks like you stopped/started with a different color. thank you for any guidance!
      1. Hello! I bought the PDF of off Ravelry, but I don’t see indicated color changes. Did I purchase the wrong PDF? If so, can you point me in that direction? I don’t want to buy another pattern if it doesnt have the color changes on it. Thanks so much! I think this is beautiful and am hoping to make it for my granddaughter.
        1. Hi Amy! Under the pattern notes section on page 2, I have listed out all my color change rows. I hope this helps!
          1. I’m sorry, but the pattern I purchased has 14 pages (all sizes) but there are no sections listing color change rows. Page 1 has pattern notes, but no color changes. Would you be able to just email me that section? The pattern I purchased is the Child’s Painted Canyon Cardigan for sizes 6 months to 10/12. Thanks for any help.
          2. Ahhhh, I see. The color changes were done in the adult sizes...not the child's. If you would like the adult color directions, please send an email to support@hearthookhome.com and I will get that sent to you.
  3. Hi. I am making a size 6/8 child's cardigan, with the unicorn hood. I just started the project and am about 22 rows into the first part. How long is the cardigan supposed to measure for a size 6/8?
  4. I've got a question please. I think I've messed up somewhere. I'm doing the 10-12 size but from armhole to armhole across the back looks awfully small compared to the rest of it. I should've paid attention because I've already gone so far as ready to do the arms, I've done everything else. I've got 36 stitches from armhole to armhole. I thought I counted all my stitches correct but I think I've completely messed it all up. Please help... Thank you, Beth
    1. Hi Penny! In this post, under the "Dates for this Crochet Along" heading, are the dates and corresponding links for each part of this CAL. Each of those links will have a video that covers everything for that part. Hope this helps!
  5. I've been looking for a cardigan like this for ever. Now I can make it myself for my son and daughter. Thank you!
  6. This pattern has always caught my eye but ive never attempted because it would be my first wearable experience. But ive had more experience with your super well written patterns and videos so I think I'm ready to try it!
  7. Just seen this pattern for the PCC , I enjoy crocheting usually I do blankets, throws, scraves etc. Never anything wearable. Still pretty new at crocheting, had my mother to help if I had questions, but recently lost her so I'm left to try and figure it out, but since finding your tutorials it's helped a lot. Thank you for sharing, Kim Fultz
  8. I’m so excited to make the PCC. I’ve had the pattern for awhile and been hesitant to dive right in to make it. So I’m glad that we have this CAL. Thank you Ashlea
  9. Hi Ashley! Thanks for doing all the work in the crochet along. It is nice having written directions, photos and video to help figuring out the pattern. I have made other small items for the grandkids and I hope this with fit my granddaughter who will be one in a few weeks.