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Best of 2023 (Top Patterns, Favorite Tutorials, and More!)

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Are you curious what the most popular posts or tutorials were for all of 2023 on Heart Hook Home? I know I was! Grab your hook and settle in, friend, because this list contains ALL of the most popular posts on Heart Hook Home for ALL of 2023. 🧶

best of heart hook home 2023

Heart Hook Home Best of 2023

There were so many great aspects of 2023. We had that amazing Tunisian Crochet Along AND the Advanced Workshop, I had my first pattern collection book, Harvest Moon, published with WeCrochet, and there were a dozen new, fun, and quick patterns published in the 2023 One Skein Crochet Series. Not to mention the regular tutorials, free crochet patterns, and premium patterns released throughout the year.

I am always excited to start a fresh new chapter. For me, part of closing the last chapter is to look back at the previous year in reflection. What worked for me and what didn’t? What did I love, and what did I not love? I’ve been on a quest the past few years to find, and do, more of what I love and the driving factor of what I do here at Heart Hook Home is to provide YOU with what you’re looking for. You get what you’re looking for, and I get to continue doing what I love. I call that a win on ALL fronts! ♥

In order to provide better crochet content for you, I’ve gone through the back end of the blog with a fine-toothed comb to find the most popular posts or patterns from each main category or theme that was published at any point throughout the year. The following is the top SIX most-visited posts or patterns on all of Heart Hook Home that were published in 2023.

Most Popular Free Pattern of 2023:

Plant Hanger. This free crochet pattern comes in two sizes, small and large. It has a VIDEO tutorial as well! This is such a fun, quick project. I have half a dozen of these hanging around my home and they are perfect for housewarming gifts as well!

best crochet plant hanger pattern

Most Popular Tutorial of 2023:

How to Corner to Corner in Rounds. This was by far the most popular tutorial on the entire blog. This technique is awesome because we start at the center and make a square, building onto the size until we either get it as large as needed OR we run out of yarn. A great way to make a quick baby blanket, or make two identical squares and seam them together for a throw pillow cover. The possibilities are endless! Learn how to do it step-by-step with photos here, or jump right in with this free baby lovey pattern using this technique.

Corner to corner crochet in the round

Most Popular Crochet Roundup of 2023:

24 Excellent One Skein Patterns roundup. When I announced the 2023 One Skein Crochet Series at the beginning of January that year, it was clear that this was a series that would be well loved by all. So, while working on the first pattern in that series I rounded up 24 of my most popular patterns throughout history that used one skein of yarn or less. Talk about a great stash busting arsenal of patterns!

one skein wonder crochet patterns

Most Popular Crochet Blanket of 2023:

Basket Weave Blanket. Not gonna lie… I was a bit surprised by the winning blanket pattern this year. Not that this pattern or the blanket isn’t gorgeous, but because this uses a technique that is not quite as popular… Tunisian Crochet. Tunisian Crochet is growing in popularity and I love the fact that the Tunisian version of the basket weave stitch uses so much less yarn than the traditional crochet version. Could this be why it was so well-loved? Either way I love this big chunky blanket, and I’m glad that you do, too!

tunisian crochet basket weave blanket free pattern

Most Popular One-Skein of 2023:

The One Skein Balaclava. This was the most popular of the One Skein patterns… and I use mine everyday at the park through the winter to ward off that extra bit of chill. This pattern is stylish and chic, and looks cute when worn as a cowl as well.

balaclava crochet pattern

Most Popular Reference Post of 2023:

The crochet blanket sizing charts reference post was well loved, and for good reason. It includes a chart that you can save to your phone for easy reference later. I find that I am constantly looking at this chart for one reason or another, so having it handy is a life saver! Go here to grab the full size chart.

Crochet blanket sizing charts image

And for an honorable mention, because it was posted in December, is the How to Turn Crochet. This post was right up there in popularity with some of the others that were published MUCH earlier in the year, despite it having only a few weeks of life as of this posting. How interesting and insightful!

which way to turn crochet

I absolutely love what I do here at Heart Hook Home and a huge part of that is to provide YOU with great patterns and crochet tutorials. I feel like I did that in 2023, and I can’t wait for THIS year’s “best of” list to be published a year from now. Please leave me a comment below with specific types of tips and tutorials, or crochet patterns, you’re looking forward to either learning or creating in 2024. Cheers!

Heart Hook Home Best of 2023

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  1. The thing I struggle most with is weaving in the ends. Specifically when changing colors every two rows so all the ends are on the same side. The one side of a blanket can get pretty wonky. Maybe I’m pulling the yarn too tight, I’m just not sure