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Velvet Cardi COMPANION Video Tutorial

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If you’re working on the Velvet Cardi crochet pattern, you may find this companion video tutorial helpful. I strive to write clear, easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand crochet patterns, but sometimes you just need help – and that’s what this video is for!

Velvet Cardi VIDEO Tutorial

Velvet Cardi Video Tutorial

In this video we work up a toddler (2/3T) size of the new Velvet Cardi crochet pattern. This video will help if you’re stuck on any size – or any part – of the pattern.

child velvet cardigan

Adult velvet cardigan crochet pattern

Find all of the details and see oodles of photos of the ADULT Velvet Cardi here, and find the pattern itself on Ravelry or Etsy.

The child sizes are FREE – right here on Heart Hook Home! Find the Little Kids (up to 2/3T) here and the Big Kids here.

free velvet yarn cardigan pattern for children

Are you stuck?

If you need help on a particular portion of your Velvet Cardi, jump to:

Creating the armholes at minute 5:20

Sewing the shoulders at minute 18:40

Crocheting the sleeves at minute 23:00

The sleeve cuff at minute 30:00

The edging of the cardigan at minute 37:22

If, for some reason, this video does not play or you would rather watch it on YouTube, please follow this link and don’t forget to subscribe to Heart Hook Home channel while you’re there!


I hope you enjoy working up this cardigan, and that if needed, this video helps!

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Velvet cardigan video tutorial

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  1. Hi. I've made some sweaters for the granddaughters when they were smaller, but started in your velvet cardi for the 8 year old. I'm confused by the separate numbers on the pattern. For instance, I got the fhdc stitches of 57 for size 8-10, but then it says rows 2 through (a whole set of numbers in parenthesis) and then ch-1, then, hdc in each st to end, but then ANOTHER set of numbers in parenthesis) it is the same for the rest of the pattern. I don't get the sets of numbers. Can you explain?
    1. The numbers in parentheses will always correspond to the sizes. The first set of numbers that you refer to will be which row you will crochet to, while the 2nd set will be your total stitch count for each row. So, in your instance, for the 8/10, you would do rows 2-33 and at the end of each row you should have 57 sts. Does that help?
  2. Hello I am new to this site...I just wanna say I am in awe lookin at these patterns omg....I’m currently tryna do the velvet Cardi for my grand daughter... my question is am I doing 2 and then sewing together?
  3. Thank you for that awesome pattern and video. I normally crochet blanket and always felt intimidated by crochet clothing. So it was my firts time trying something like that and it turned out great. My daughter is really happy with her vest and my next step is the adult one for me. Your pattern is easy to follow and the video was really helpful. I would definitely try some of your other patterns :)
  4. But pattern for a velvet Carly and the fifth through PayPal it’s not in my reveille account says I need to pay again will you check and see what happen thank you
    1. Hi Candace! Please send me an email and we can get it sorted out. Thank you! ashlea@hearthookhome.com