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Dandy Dog Sweater: Easy Crochet Dog Sweater Pattern

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If you’ve been looking for an easy crochet dog sweater pattern for your pooch, this is it friend! This dog sweater pattern comes in three sizes that will fit tiny dogs to medium sized dogs. Whip up a sweater for your pup using this free crochet pattern.

free Dog Sweater crochet pattern

Crochet Dog Sweater Pattern

We have three dogs in our house; one 5lb, one 13lb, and one half Pitbull/half Dachshund that absolutely runs the show. I mean really, with those eyes and her tiny little legs?! She’s simply majestic. ♥

medium size dog sweater pattern

Dandy Dog Sweater Free crochet pattern

small size dog sweater pattern

extra small size dog sweater pattern

This stylish crochet dog sweater pattern comes in sizes XS, S, and M, and is worked from the neck down, all in one piece with no sewing involved.  If you need the crochet sweater for large dogs, head on over here.

Free crochet dog sweater pattern tutorial for large dogs

For this dog sweater we are using Brava Worsted yarn. My colors here are Dove Heather, Paprika, and Avocado. You could substitute with any worsted you have on hand, as it doesn’t take much – especially for the extra small dog sweater. 😉

Find the ad-free, printable version of this pattern on RavelryEtsy, or right here in the Heart Hook Home shop. Thank you!


Brava Worsted Weight Yarn
-approx. 110 yards for XS
-approx. 205 yards for S
-approx. 375 yards for M

Crochet hook in size H/5mm

Find the VIDEO tutorial for this pattern below!

crochet dog sweater sizing chart

Gauge: 14 sts x 13 rows = 4”

Gauge pattern:

Row 1: Ch-18. (sc, dc) in 2nd ch from hook. * sk next ch, (sc, dc) in next * repeat between * * 6 more times. Sk next ch, sc in last. (17)

Rows 2 – 14: Ch-1, turn, * (sc, dc) in next st, sk next st * repeat between * * 7 more times. Sk next st, sc in last. (17) Measure for gauge.

Note on gauge: Always make your swatch slightly larger than it needs to be so that when you measure you are only including inside stitches, not the outside stitches that are not uniform in shape. More on gauge here.

Pattern notes:

Pattern written using US terms.

The chain at the beginning of the row does not count as a stitch.

Front post/Back post stitches are used for the collar. There is a tutorial for these stitches here.

The body of this sweater uses the Thicket (aka Suzette) stitch. There is a tutorial for that stitch here.

Find the ad-free, printable version of this pattern on Ravelry and Etsy or in the Heart Hook Home shop. Thank you!

NEW! Grab the holiday theme variations, also free on Heart Hook Home. ♥

holiday dog sweater pattern

Now that you’ve got gauge down, its time to whip up a dog sweater! If you need the crochet sweater for large dogs, head on over here.

Dog Sweater Video

YouTube video

Row 1: Fhdc– (33, 43, 53) (or ch- (34, 44, 54), hdc in 2nd chain from hook and in each to end.) Join to top of first st with sl st. Stitch count: (33, 43, 53)

Row 2: Ch-1, do not turn, * fphdc around next st, bphdc around next st * repeat between * * around, fphdc around last st. Join to top of first fphdc with sl st. Stitch count: (33, 43, 53)

Row 3: Ch-1, turn, * bphdc around next st, fphdc around next st * repeat between * * around, bphdc around last st. Join to top of first bphdc with sl st. Stitch count: (33, 43, 53)

Row 4: Ch-1, turn, * fphdc around next st, bphdc around next st * repeat between * * around, fphdc around last st. Join to top of first fphdc with sl st. Stitch count: (33, 43, 53)

Rows 5 through (6, 8, 10): alternate rows 3 & 4. Stitch count: (33, 43, 53)


Row (7, 9, 11): Ch-1, do not turn. (sc, dc) in first st. * sk next st, (sc, dc) in next * repeat between * * around, sk next, (sc, dc, sc) in last st. Join to top of first sc with sl st. Stitch count: (35, 45, 55)

Row (8, 10, 12): Ch-1, turn, (sc, dc) in first st. * sk next st, (sc, dc) in next * repeat between * * around, sk next, (sc, dc, sc) in last st. Join to top of first sc with sl st. Stitch count: (37, 47, 57)

Rows (9, 11, 13) through (13, 17, 25): repeat previous row. Stitch count: (47, 61, 83)

Row (14, 18, 26): Ch-1, turn, (sc, dc) in first st. * sk next st, (sc, dc) in next * repeat between * * around (do not do the extra sc). Join to top of first sc with sl st. Stitch count: (48, 62, 84)


Row (15, 19, 27): Ch-1, turn * sk next st, (sc, dc) in next * repeat between * * (0,1, 2) more times. (2, 4, 6 sts total so far). Sk next st, sc in next. Ch-(7, 11, 15), sk-(9, 13, 17) sts. In next sc, place (sc, dc). Repeat between * * (10, 11, 17) more times. Sk next st, sc in next. Ch-(7, 11, 15), sk-(9, 13, 17) sts. In next sc, place (sc, dc). Repeat between * * to end. Join to top of first sc with sl st. Stitch count: (44, 58, 80)

Row (16, 20, 28): Ch-1, turn. * Sk next st, (sc, dc) in next * repeat between * * around (including chains). Join to top of first sc with sl st. Stitch count: (44, 58, 80)

Rows (17, 21, 29) through (20, 30, 44): Ch-1, turn, * sk next st, (sc, dc) in next * repeat between * * around. Join to top of first sc with sl st. Stitch count: (44, 58, 80)

Begin body tapering:

Row (21, 31, 45): Ch-1, turn, sl st in first (2, 4, 6,) sts, * sk next st, (sc, dc) in next * repeat between * * (18, 23, 32) more times. Sk next st, sc in next. (leave remaining 2, 4, 6) sts unworked) Stitch count: (39, 49, 67) not including sl sts.

Row (22, 32, 46): Ch-1, turn, sk first 2 sts, * (sc, dc) in next, sk next st * repeat between * * (17, 22, 31) more times. Sc in next st. Stitch count: (37, 47, 65)

Row (23, 33, 47): Ch-1, turn, sk first 2 sts, * (sc, dc) in next, sk next st * repeat between * * (16, 21, 30) more times. Sc in next st. Stitch count: (35, 45, 63)

Continue decreasing until you reach row (36, 46, 66) ending with (9, 19, 25) sts.

Row (37, 47, 67): Ch-1, turn, sc in each st/row end around. Join using Invisible Join.

Find the ad-free, printable version of this pattern on Ravelry and Etsy or in the Heart Hook Home shop. Thank you!

Ta-da! I hope your furry friend loves their sweater, and that you enjoyed making it! When you’re finished I’d love to see a photo of yours. Tag me by using @HeartHookHome on Instagram and Twitter, or share in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook.

how to crochet a dog sweater

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  1. hi there, what size is the green dog sweater you made for your half dachschund/half pittie? i think that's the same size i need to make for my pup. thanks!
  2. Hi Gina I'm doing the XS and I'm stuck on row 13. Pattern says there should be 47 stitches and I only have 42, I'm thinking if the stitch count was correct on row 8 (37) and each row adds a stitch wouldn't the count be 42 and not 47?
  3. Hello! This pattern is ADORABLE My question is, does it grow? Whenever I’ve tried to make a dog sweater it gets so large. I follow the pattern perfectly however it just doesn’t form fit. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I have just come across this gorgeous pattern of yours and I would like to make it for a friends dog. She is a 'Labradoodle' medium size. Her measurements are Neck 13", Chest 21" and body length 19". According to your measurements she is in between the Small and Medium sizes. I'm thinking of making it to the measurements of the Medium sized one. Do you think that it would fit and not be miles too big??? What length is the Medium sized one please? I tend to crochet more on the tighter size too. Also can you please advise the yarn that you use, you mention 'worsted' is this an 8 or 10 ply please? I live in Australia an most of our yarns are classified in 'ply'. Thank You. Any suggestions/comments greatly appreciated. Cheers Gina
    1. Hi Gina! I would do the Medium, and worsted weight yarn would equate to a 10-12 ply yarn. I hope this helps!
  5. Hi there! I'm a little confused on the increase rows as to where the "first stitch" and "last stitch" are for you. Some peopleskip the stitch the chain comes out of by default while others count the stitch the chain comes out of as the first, which changes what the last stitch is entirely. Can you clarify which stitch is the first and last please?
    1. Hi Jamie! My 1st stitch goes into the same as the join. You will always be placing your (sc, dc) sts into the sc of the row below. I hope this helps!
  6. We have a 12# mini schnauzer. I have made 2 sweaters for him. Note the word "him". When we take him to water the neighborhood trees he wets the underside of the sweater. Is your pattern for a boy or girl dog?
  7. I have a staffy can corso mix. She's very short but thick. I made the larger version but it turned out a bit to big. Still fits but it's looser. I like hpw this one is continous so I tried the medium in a size 6 hook and added a few r9ws before decreasing, and what do you know, it fits perfectly
  8. Hi there, I stumbled upon this pattern; it’s so beautiful! I was able to make the Small sweater today. I’ll be making a few for more for our fur babies. You’re written instructions were very easy to follow. We have a poodle (13-15 lbs) and a yorkiepoo (10-12 lbs)
    1. Hi Marella! I have a companion video for the Shanti sweater, which is also worked from the top down like this sweater. Obviously the stitch and counts will be different, but it's the same design concept. That video can be found here: https://youtu.be/rRsX1LRuEbM If you still struggle after that, then feel free to email support@hearthookhome.com and we can try to get you on track.
  9. Hello, I’m working on the medium size & it’s perfect, but when i reached row 45 where i’m supposed to start decreasing i fount that the count for row 45 is 67 sts, then in row 46 it’s 63 sts, and then on row 47 it’s 61 sts, are we supposed to decrease 2 sts in the row or more ? & is the count correct for each row ?
    1. Hi Maria! You should be decreasing by 2 stitches each row in the tapering portion. I will double check those numbers and make corrections if needed soon.
    1. Oh my goodness! Teeny pup! You could try using a #3 weight yarn and going down a hook size or 2 with the XS pattern.
  10. Just made the medium size for our pup. After a couple of rough starts until I used stitch markers it ended up being super easy. Used white for the collar and red for the body for Christmas.
  11. I’m wanting to make this for my puppy, but I’m pretty sure the XS will be way too big (miniature Dachshund puppy runt @ 8 weeks old) how would I make this even smaller? He is always freezing when I take him outside.
      1. As your puppy may be growing, a suggestion i got from when my pup was so tiny, was to buy a kids sweatshirt and use a sleeve to make a custom size sweater.
  12. I have made two of these for my 10-11 lb pup, small and x-small. The small is a little too big but still works. I have gotten many compliments and more are in the works so Bruno can be styling for any holiday!
  13. I am making this for a friends puppy. I’m on row 19 of the medium size. I’ve taken the last row out 3 times. I don’t have enough sts to do row. What could I be doing wrong? Thank you for your help.
    1. Hi! I have a chart of my most commonly used abbreviations in this post: https://hearthookhome.com/how-to-read-a-crochet-pattern/
  14. Hello, of all the dog sweater patterns I love yours the best. Would a medium be the right size for a miniature schnauzer? I want to make a sweater for my fur-niece . Thanks.
    1. Hi Liann! I am so glad you like the pattern! I really don't know how big a miniature schnauzer is...so maybe? Lol. I would say your best bet would be to get measurements of the dog, then go from there =)
  15. Hola Megan me gustaría que pusieras el gráfico del sweter gris en talla M y L ya que escrito no lo entiendo por el vocabulario.
  16. Hi! I'm loving this cute pattern! I'm still a beginner, so I'm having trouble with knowing what does this mean "join to top of first sc with sl st". I feel like my count keeps on getting off depending upon which stitch I join at the end... Does it mean I"m not going into the chain (it's a little hard to tell). I feel like I've done it both ways. Also, are the stitches always going into the single crochet (the one that looks like a bigger hole)? Thanks!
    1. ‘Join with a sl stitch’ means to join your last stitch of the row you’re working to the first single crochet you made via a slip stitch. I’ve found it really helps to use a stitch marker in that first single crochet. I’m pretty sure that in most instances you’re going to work your sc & dc into the smaller stitch, the sc from the previous row.
  17. I love this pattern! I got about halfway through the medium size and realized that it was too tight around my dog’s neck and way too loose around his belly. He’s a big Shih-Tzu, but is very skinny, lol. His neck measures 14’ and chest is 18’. I don’t have any experience with modifying patterns. Any advice would be appreciated!
    1. Hi Amy! You could try doing the small size and going up a hook size for the collar, then going back down for the body.
  18. Your daschound mix looks just like my daschound mix. Wish I could post a pic for you to see. I love your video and instructions. I'm pretty new to crochet but will attempt this. Thanks
  19. I really wish there were directions for a full sweater for a female corgi. With her tiny little legs, her bare belly will drag in the snow this winter. She is visiting from California so was hoping to find something to keep her warm in our Canadian winter.
    1. Do like with the leg spots! I put it on over my dogs harness marked with paperclips where it was going to be and chained 4 or 5, skipped the same amount then continued az normal. Thats what worked for me
  20. I love this pattern but I kind of got confused with the counts and I'm doing a size medium, unfortunately I had to undo the stitches and start back from the collar again but after all it make so much sense now
  21. Hi I'm so stuck, I've followed the pattern exactly for the large size but at the end of row 25 I have 69 stitches, not 83. Looking at the pattern, if the rows increase by 1 each time there's no way if end up with 83 stitches on row 25,what am I missing? Thanks
    1. I struggled with that too, but after a good night's sleep and a few cups of coffee, I think I read the pattern correctly. After completing the Row (8, 10, 12), you need to repeat that same row - for XS, - for rows 9-13 (47 stitches); for small S, - repeat that same row for rows 11-17 (61 stitches); for small M,- repeat that same row for rows 13-25 (83 stitches).
  22. Hi! Thank you for the recipe! So happy to have found this and excited to get started. My puppy has a 13 inch neck and 18,5 inch chest. She is four months old so she will likely grow to be a large dog but I really want to make something for her to use right away since it’s getting cold. Is there an in between size between the small and medium size in your chart? Or does anyone else here have suggestions perhaps?
    1. Hello Ida! You could do the Medium and it would just give your pup a little growing room, or you could go up a hook size and do the size small for something that would probably fit perfect right now. I hope this helps!
  23. I see the other pattern linked for larger sized dogs but I prefer the look of this one. Are you able to make an adjacent post with a pattern sharing this for larger sized dogs? Would really appreciate it. Thank you!
    1. Hi Megan! I was initially going to do the larger sizes like this one, but quickly found out it didn't work as well for the bigger dogs. Larger dogs tend to have longer legs that wouldn't easily "cram" into the armholes and it didn't fit quite right, which is why the big dog pattern is made differently.
  24. Hello! I have a French Bulldog, thick neck but short, big chest. Can you give me a couple of recommendations on measurements? I started the Medium but realized for example that 10 rows of neck is a lot for him, so I reduced it to 7 rows of 55 stitches, it runs perfectly. About the body.. I am struggling.. any advice? Thank you very much, your pattern is amazing and the explanation better so! I am writing all the way from Peru. Thanks!
  25. Hi! Thank you for the pattern! How do I make it a larger size? Is it just a matter of hook size? Thank you in advance! Dolores
    1. Hi Delores! I have a pattern for larger dogs which can be found here: https://hearthookhome.com/easy-crochet-dog-sweater-large-dogs/
  26. Hi. I was wondering if you could help me. I started a baby blanket a couple of years ago and I want to get it started again but I have one problem with it, I don't remember what stitch I used. I have tried several different people and have not gotten any replies. I hope you can help. I have a picture of the blanket but I don't see where I can upload it.
  27. I will try this pattern. It is very cute! I also have a pit/dox and yes that little guy steals the show everywhere we go.
  28. I just love this pattern. I have a Jack Russell X Whippet who is very whippet in build. He loves his jumpers he now has almost 3 . His elderly sister Lab X KelpieX and even though she has a thick coat she just loves her jumpers as they keep her joints warm in her golden years.
  29. Such cute dogs on sweaters! I love the pattern. My question is how do you get the dog in the sweater? It looks tricky!
  30. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have started the pattern 2 times and counted my stitches. I just finished rows 11 through 17 and my stitch count is 52. The sweater looks just like the photos but the stitch count is off. What am I doing wrong? This is the first pattern from your collection that I've tried. I want this to work.
    1. Hi Sandra! I am sorry you are having trouble...if you could send an email (pics are helpful) to support@hearthookhome.com or a message to the Heart Hook Home FaceBook page, we can try to get it straightened out.
  31. Great pattern and very easy to customize. I made one for each of our two dogs and they fit perfectly. I added flower embellishments to one and bow ties to the other. So cute!
  32. I'm so excited that I found this pattern!!! I have a pitbull / dachshund!!! She is such a sweet girl. I wanted to make her a sweater that will keep her warm. Wish I could post a pic of my cute girl.
  33. These are absolutely lovely!! I would love to make this as a surprise present for a colleague. Would the medium be the best size for a full sized pug? Don’t really want to start asking for measurements and let on I’m making one. Haha.
  34. Great pattern! I had a lot of fun with it, in between my grumbling about my errors! I decided to add a picot trim in the back/tummy single crochets, and a rosette just above the tail. Given that I'm not the most creative person, I think it turned out nicely. This coat will be going to a young teenager who lives in Alaska, so I used Malabrigo Washted in Whales Road. She loves to dress her dog up, but let's face it; it's cold up there! Thus, the embellishments. I don't use social media, so no pictures, but I enjoy making comments
  35. Hello Ashlea, I love your patterns and your blog, but I absolutely love, love your dogs, my fave is the dachshund/potty, omg her short legs and that potty face i love stomach, just one question, how the heck did it happen, lol, a pitty and a dachshund??, wow I would have never thought, thank you for showing her and the other 2,they are all very cute, not that you can tell but iman animal lover but dogs are the ones that I will fight for, I use my voice as theirs and I pity the person I ever catch hurts g a dog cause I can't hold back on that crap, I can tell your dogs are very loved and that they love you, again thank you and keep those free patterns coming!!!
  36. Have been hunting for a sweater pattern for our short haired dogs, and ran across yours. I was so excited! We have a Pit-Weiner too!!! she is colored like a red nosed pit, but half a dog too long and has the stumpy legs. the back legs are longer, so she's very fast, because she's always going downhill. I chose your pattern because i can see EXACTLY how it will look on her! Now i have to adjust it a bit to fit her baby brother....a 9 week old great dane!.
  37. My toy poodle is 16 1/2 yrs, and she’s got a bit of bloating around her middle. I’m afraid making the size small, which fits her in all other aspects, might not fit her tummy. She’s not fat, so this is the only area where she’s not “regular” dimensions. Ideas on how to make the belly area fit her?
  38. Thank you for this lovely pattern! I just finished making a size Small for my mini dachshund. I added another 11 or 12 rows before starting to reduce the body, plus another 3 or so to do the shaping more gradually, because I wanted it to cover her bottom. She's a long dog! It was easy to alter and worked great. Thanks again!
    1. I am just making one for my Dachshund puppy so that was really helpful in terms of making it longer. Not sure I understand your adaptation to the decreasing though
      1. Hello, I love this pattern except I’m a bit confused on the instructions on Row 5 it says 8 10 12 alternate 3&4 I don’t understand the how many rows to make. Please message me need your help. Lynn
        1. Hi Lynn! The numbers in parentheses will correspond with the size you are making (XS, S, M). So, where it says Row 5 through (6, 8, 10)...if you were making the small, then you would do 5-8 rows...or 5-10 rows if doing the Medium. I hope this helps!
  39. Wonderful pattern! Simple to follow and I love it has a video. This was my first dog sweater and it turned out great. I had to switch up a couple things as the sweater is for a French bulldog and he’s got some weird measurements. I’m starting sweater 2 today!
  40. Thank you so much for this wonderfully cute and fashionable pattern. I’m so excited to try it in a tweed yarn for my Papillon. Your dogs are adorable and I so appreciate your pattern since dog sweaters are so hard to find customizable to specific sizes. Thanks so very much!
  41. To maybe modify this pattern for a very weird size dog what are like the multiples u use and stitch amounts so it would come out right.
    1. Thanks so much I love this pattern, I find it hard to get patterns to fit my havanese she has a long body. I worked this up tonight and she's all cosy and warm wearing it to bed.
  42. This is so adorable, I can’t wait to make a few for my cocker spaniel! Do you have the measurements from the neck , down to the tip at the butt end? My girl is 20# and I’m not sure if she will need the sm, or medium. She does not like things to touch her tail. This measurement would help tremendously!!
  43. Thank you so much! Great Pattern! This was the first XS sweater that fir my toy poodle. Had a lot of fun doing it. You made it so easy!
  44. Thank you for sharing your dog sweater patterns for free! I have made 2 of your sweaters for the larger dogs and the pattern is very similar to this, however now I need to make one for a small chihuahua so I came to this pattern. Unfortunately, the recipient would much rather have the sweater include buttons like the other pattern because her dog can be snippy and she does not like her legs being wriggled into the leg holes... is there a way for me to adapt this pattern for it to have a cheats flap and back flap instead of it being a continuous circle?