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24 Excellent One Skein Crochet Patterns

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Do you ever find yourself with single skeins of yarn? This list of 24 Excellent One Skein Wonder crochet patterns will use up those single skeins in no time! Grab your skein and your hook and let’s get started!

24 Excellent One Skein Crochet Projects

Sometimes you’re low on time and need a quick gift. Sometimes you are headed out to the park and realize you don’t have a beanie or ear warmer. Sometimes you just need to get your cro-jo back. Each year for the past three years Heart Hook Home has had a crochet series. Each month (on the second Friday) I share a new pattern within that year’s theme.

2020 Cloth Series – three different sized cloths each month all using fun and interesting stitches.

2021 Household Series – all useful crochet patterns for things in and around the home.

2022 Car Series – Useful or fun crochet patterns for the vehicles.

2023 One Skein Series – Quick, stash busting crochet patterns that use one skein or less of yarn.

When I shared this new series theme early in January everyone was so excited! I decided to go through all of my existing Heart Hook Home patterns and find other patterns that also fit this bill. I’m so excited!

The first of the 2023 One Skein Series will be shared on Friday, January 13th, 2023. UPDATE: See it here!

What are One Skein Wonders?

“One Skein Wonder” projects are crochet patterns that use just one skein of yarn in order to create them.

How to get Creative Juices Flowing again

If you seem to have lost your cro-jo… these quick, fun projects are usually a great way to get it back! Pick a project that most suits your needs at the moment and run with it. I find that crocheting something useful and quick is a great way to get those creative juices flowing once again.

What to do with Leftover yarn?

If you’ve purchased a lot of the same colorway or the same brand to make a larger project and realize you’ll have leftovers… why not use up that extra skein to make a matching beanie, cowl, or other accessory? One Skein Wonders are a great way to stash bust.

This list has all different kinds of yarn included. Some use sock weight yarn (like the gloves) and some use Worsted Weight Yarn and some use Blanket Yarn.

Herringstone cowl crochet pattern

1. Herringstone Cowl – Uses one skein of Hygge yarn and is worked in a continuous spiral with no joining or turning. Just keep going until you run out of yarn! Could be made with any size 5 or size 6 yarn.

2. Hand Warmer Beanie – this free crochet pattern is great for outdoor sporting events or for hunters or those that work outside. Uses worsted weight yarn and has pockets for the Hot Hands warmers.

sock yarn gloves, free pattern

3. Sock Yarn Gloves – this free pattern uses sock weight (size 2) yarn and any buttons you fancy.

4. The Cameron Beanie – this cute kids size beanie can be made with any size 5 or size 6 yarn. Perfect to whip up for a group of kids because it works up so quickly!

5. Rockin Romper Pattern – the smaller size of the Rockin Romper is just small enough that it takes only one skein of cotton yarn. For this pattern I used Dishie cotton, my favorite! Great for keeping kiddos cool in the summer months.

6. Nutmeg Nibbles Placemat – Those little cotton yarn cakes that change colors? They work perfectly for one placemat!

7. Reversible Boot Cuffs – these boot cuffs were one of my first patterns ever designed. I love that they are reversible and have a great texture. Easily customizable for size, too!

bricktown slouchy beanie free crochet pattern

8. Bricktown Slouch Beanie – this one comes in a variety of sizes, and should use less than one skein of worsted weight yarn depending on which brand you’re using. Fun, quick, and great texture.

9. Drop To It Beanie – this beanie is quick and would be great for a donation beanie pattern. There are no holes so it is nice and warm.

An Afternoon Scarf free crochet pattern

10. Afternoon Scarf – this scarf pattern was designed to work up in one afternoon with one skein of yarn. Perfect!

Off the Grid Ear Warmer

11. Off the Grid Ear Warmer – this pattern pairs with the other “grid” pattern, the Grid Slouch. Whip one of these up and wear it to the park or out shopping.

Caron Big Cake One Skein Wonder

12. Carry-All Bag – This carry-all bag uses one large Caron Cake. Make sure you’ve got the larger skein and double check the yardage and you’ll be all set to go!

Sea Coral Red Heart Ombre yarn

13. Throw Pillow Cover – if you have one skein of Red Heart Ombre yarn this pillow cover pattern is perfect for you.

Fruit Hammock Free crochet pattern

14. Fruit Hammock – there’s something to be said for a fruit hammock, and one that holds all of your apples, bananas, and oranges, too!

easy microwave bowl cozy crochet pattern

15. Microwave Bowl Cozy – useful and cute. My kids love using these while they eat their chicken noodle soup or ramen noodles.

16. Hacky Sack – fun and easy. Use household ingredients to fill these hacky sacks, and just a bit of cotton yarn.

17. Dog Poop Bag Holder – great for walks with the pups! Clean up after them with this poop bag holder that uses just a bit of crochet thread.

18. Basic Back Loop Beanie – available in 7 sizes from infant to adult. These take usurpingly little worsted weight yarn.

19. Hygge Hat – if you’ve got some more Hygge yarn in your stash (or any bulky weight/size 5 yarn) this pattern works up quick and comes in various sizes.

woman wearing black beret

20. Lazy Day Beret – I made this pattern for my mom when she was going through chemotherapy. Use soft yarns that do not contain wool as they can aggravate sensitive skin. Cotton may be a good option.

Stool Cover Crochet Pattern

21. Stool Cover – if you’ve got a gamer or a stool that has seen better days, this stool cover uses Bernat Blanket yarn and works up SUPER fast! Make a whole set from one skein.

22. Child Size Purse – this purse is a smaller version of the Life’s a Beach Bag. It is the perfect size for storing lip gloss etc and uses just one Caron Cotton Cake.

Super cute hanging houseplant free crochet pattern

23. Houseplant Clipping Hanger – if you’re a plant lover like me, you’ve got houseplant clippings always growing somewhere. This hanger pattern uses suction cups and you can get several from one skein of yarn. I used cotton but just about any fiber content will do.

Mini Blind Cleaner Crochet Pattern

24. Mini Blind Cleaner – great for having the kids help you clean! Ha! These fit great on your hand or in kitchen tongs to get between those hard-to-clean wooden slats on blinds.

Did you find something to whip up in this list of One Skein Wonder projects? I hope you did! Stay tuned because in 2023 I will be adding TWELVE new patterns to this list! The second Friday of each month there will be a new pattern added to the 2023 One Skein Series. Woot! Make sure you’re on the email newsletter list (sign up below) and you’ll be notified each time I share a new pattern.

One Skein Wonder Crochet Patterns

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