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What to Expect from Heart Hook Home in 2024

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The week between Christmas and New Year’s feels like the no-man’s land of productivity. Where eating leftover sides for breakfast is considered normal, we have “daytime pajamas” and “nighttime pajamas”, and… do we even know what day it is?! Ha!

The other day I had a MUCH needed lunch date with my best friend, and assistant, Sarah to discuss plans and outlook for Heart Hook Home going into 2024. I am SO excited to share what information I can from our meeting with you!

What to Expect in 2024

Heart Hook Home was born in 2016 after years and years of coupon blogging. Talk about taking a sharp turn! Some of the earliest crochet patterns, posts, and tutorials are still the most popular posts of ALL TIME on Heart Hook Home.

Having said that… it is clear to me by reading through blog comments, emails, and messages on various social media platforms, that what everyone really loves about Heart Hook Home is the tutorials. I frequently get comments on my YouTube channel specifically about my no-frills or straight-to-the-point approach to crochet videos.

When 2023 started I had every intention of beefing up my YouTube channel by creating more videos, creating more/better playlists, adding NEW video tutorials to go with my most popular older free crochet patterns, and so much more. Not to mention adding many more written tutorials here on the website as well as NEW crochet patterns.

It was to be the year of the tutorial… And then I was asked to write a collection of crochet patterns using Tunisian Crochet (now available as the Harvest Moon Collection – see all of the designs HERE) and I dropped everything and focused for MONTHS on those new designs.

Harvest Moon Tunisian crochet collection

Do I regret it? No. Do I wish I had had more time to devote to new tutorials and other new designs and patterns? Absolutely!

I love designing new garment designs of varying skill levels and sharing free crochet patterns, particularly those in my year-long crochet series. That will not change. To be honest, I don’t think that could ever change. I have a passion for useful crochet designs and my past series have always tended to focus around that.

Here are links to past crochet series:

2020 Cloth Series

2021 Household Series

2022 Car Series

2023 One Skein Series

So, what am I doing differently going into 2024?


For the entirety of 2024 I am committing to publishing ONLY free crochet patterns. Yes! All of the new patterns published on Heart Hook Home during 2024 will be released as free patterns. There will be several sweaters, and blankets, and shawls, and all sorts of new designs!

Of course I will still offer the option to purchase the ad-free PDF options from my shops on Ravelry, Etsy, and the Heart Hook Home blog shop. I absolutely appreciate your support! Without you purchasing those printable PDF patterns, what I do here at Heart Hook Home would be impossible.

New Year-Long Crochet Series

The NEW crochet series for 2024 will be all about DOGS! The Dandy Dog Sweater (and the version for large, X-large, and XX-large dogs) has been one of the most-loved crochet designs EVER for HHH and I love to see those happy pups wearing their adorable sweaters. Why not add 12 more amazing dog patterns to the repertoire?

For 2024 I’ll share all kinds of patterns relating to dogs – not just sweaters. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN! You’ll be surprised how quickly some of these patterns work up, how adorable or how happy they will be! Some of these patterns are intended to make YOUR life easier while caring for your furry friend. Some of these patterns are designed to make life more comfortable (or more luxurious) for them instead. And really… who doesn’t love to spoil their dogs? I know I do! You’ll be seeing a lot of these two next year I am sure… 🐶🐕🐕‍🦺

More Live Videos

As you may remember, I used to do weekly live videos on the Heart Hook Home Facebook page. Every Thursday night we would meet for about an hour where we would talk about all of the new designs in the works, new products or yarns I was trying, and general hilarity. We always had so much fun! I suspended those live videos when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. She’s doing GREAT now! ♥

You may also know that life got upended in 2021 when I went through a divorce. The boys and I moved into a small apartment that was in no way conducive to storing my yarn stash much less hosting frequent live videos. Then after 18 months in the apartment we moved into a lovely home where I once again have an office. Small, but it’s there!

Now that life has settled down a bit, I am looking forward to hosting more live videos. Since there will be no premium (paid) patterns published throughout the year, I’ll try to do more frequent live videos to show off what I’m working on, what’s new, and what products I’m trying out next.

Feedback & Suggestions:

If there are any specific types of designs you are looking for, or a particular older crochet pattern of mine that you would love made into a video tutorial, be sure to leave a comment and let me know! I appreciate you and can’t wait to see what the new year brings! 🥂

I can’t wait to dive into more crochet with you!

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  1. Ashlea, I am so happy life is finally turning around for you! I will be even happier to be able to see what you are working on or learning new stitches from your videos. Although I absolutely love the "look" of all your tanks, I do not make them because they are the same back to front. I would love to see a tank with a higher more typical neckline in the back. Us older ladies need to have coverage. Hahahaha. Thank you soooooo very much for all you give to others!
  2. I'm so excited for you to be doing lives on YouTube! At least I hope they will be on YouTube... I love your patterns and I hadn't found you yet when you were doing lives before. I have only been back into crochet since 2018-2019 after my dad entered hospice and passed away. I used to sew handbags, crossbody, shoulder bags, wristlets and the like, wallets, overnight bags, diaper bags, pillows, removable pillow covers, backpacks, rucksacks, messenger/briefcase bags, tee-shirt quilts and the occasional rag quilt. When he died, my desire for sewing, even my love of it, just kind of died with it. But, I am a very creative person and still needed an outlet. So I decided to give crochet a shot again after my poor grandma tried to teach me every summer from the time I was 6-until I lost interest at around 15 years old. I taught myself by finding bloggers like you and YouTubers. It helped pull me out of my depression and I occasionally will pull the sewing machine out now. I am hoping 2024 will be the year that I can find time to do both, and maybe even make both into a business again. Maybe.
  3. Thank you for all you do! I love your patterns. Will the live videos be available to watch later on your YouTube channel? I really miss the Crochet Podcast videos you used to do.
  4. How exciting, as I got a TINY puppy for Christmas ♥️ he’s a 12 week old chi-weenie that weighs a whopping 2 lbs! I have looked for sweaters and sweater patterns that are small enough for him and so far I have struck out. I’m hopeful you’ll have some things for very tiny fur-babies in your amazing arsenal of ideas!
  5. Looking forward to what the New Year will bring! Thanks so much for your free patterns on Ravelry. I'm a "seasoned" crocheter, 62+ yrs with the craft, and I don't do well with videos, not sure why, just prefer the written patterns, I guess. I'm also a blanket maker, only recently considering branching into sweaters.
  6. This ALL sounds fantastic. I have a couple of granddogs and even a great granddog!! Your generosity in giving out free patterns is WONDERFUL and I look forward to your "lives" being aired again. Happy New Year, Ashlea
  7. I'm so excited for everything in this post! I have 2 pugs and I love the dandy dog sweater - so easy, quick and fun to work up. Looking forward to your content - it'll be awesome as usual I'm sure. Also, are those bobble sweaters at the end of the post going to be available in 2024?! holy cow, I love them. Cheers to 2024!
  8. Exciting news! Also... You have a GSP!!! We also have a black and white one. Can't wait to see them modeling new patterns. :)
  9. Ahslea just want to thank you so much for all your patterns. I just finished the c2c cocoon sweater. Haven’t been able to show you as I’m having standing. Really pleased how it turned out. Can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store!!!! Cathy Dimas, Happy New Year
  10. I am looking forward to all your patterns. I believe you will surprise us with amazing ones again. I like to buy add-free pdfs but it's very kind of you to offer also free versions. Personally, I would welcome a pattern for a man's vest with buttons :)
  11. I love that you share so willingly your knowledge of crochet. Your patterns and tutorials are always easy to follow and thorough. Thank you so much for always sharing ‘you’! Max and Duke will love what I make for them this year in ‘all things for dogs’ !! ❤️
  12. Ashlea, thank you so much for sharing your creativity and enthusiasm! I love doing your patterns because you explain them well and I know they're going to work! Looking forward to enjoying more of your creations in 2024 :)
  13. Yours has been my go-to spot for all things crochet. I didn't follow the Tunisian series as I expected. The stitch makes up too thick for our NC weather. Plus we added a great grandchild who lives with me! I love the quick patterns. I have made many pairs of the prismatic wristlets. The ruffled toddler dress has been a favorite when someone says, "we're expecting a girl." I use my hexagon purse often. And I'm looking forward to making all the toddler games.