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Honeycomb Cardi Crochet Pattern

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For various reasons, this gorgeous Honeycomb Cardi design was on my hooks for months. Whether that was spent figuring out how on earth to evenly increase Tunisian stitches in a visually appealing manner, or just because I am addicted to this design, I’ve made several of them now and I love every. single. one. of them. I hope that you, too, are in love with this seamless, top-down Tunisian Crochet cardigan design!

Honeycomb Cardi Crochet Pattern

Honeycomb Cardi Crochet Pattern

There really aren’t many wearable Tunisian patterns, let alone those that are worked top-down and seamless. This pattern checks off alllll the check boxes. This pattern is available in sizes XS – 4XL, and the sleeve is worked in a continuous round with no turning, and NO seams! ♥

Seamless? Check!

Top-down? Check!

Fun to crochet? Check!

Available in most adult sizes? Check!

Absolutely stunning? Double check!

I have made several of these for myself. I wanted to see what it would look like as a bomber length, as a medium length, and a knee length. I also wanted to see how it looked with a simple edging or a more elaborate, Front Post/Back Post stitch edging. I love them all! They almost look like different designs altogether. It’s amazing what a different length and different edging adds!

For the grey bomber length cardigan I used Lion Brand Pound of Love. This worked up to be just gorgeous, and I almost want to make another one that is longer, and in a brighter color. This is a great length to throw on for a cool day while running errands or poking around the kitchen.

For the knee-length black version I used Brava Worsted yarn. I made the medium size and used every bit of eight skeins. I absolutely love how this one turned out! It is warm and the length is perfection!

For the medium length yellow version I used Yarn Bee Stitch 101 50/50 (discontinued) in the “Limone” colorway. I must say that this yarn feels boutique level when worked up with this stitch. I decided to leave the fancy edging off of this one. I felt that the color and the detail of the stitch speaks for itself and is definitely a favorite of mine!

For this pattern we are using cabled Tunisian hooks to create the body. We start at the neck and work our way down, pinching off the armholes and continuing seamlessly down the length of the body. Because of this, you can stop at any length you like.

You will also need a double-ended Tunisian crochet hook, as the sleeves are worked seamlessly in a spiral, decreasing as we make our way to the wrist. There is a work-around to this as noted below.

Find this pattern on Ravelry and/or Etsy. Thank you!


Worsted Weight yarn (Pound of Love, Brava Worsted, and Stitch 101 50/50 (discontinued) shown)
-approx. 1050 yards for XS
-approx. 1100 yards for S
-approx. 1150 yards for M
-approx. 1200 yards for L
-approx. 1250 yards for XL
-approx. 1300 yards for 2XL
-approx. 1350 yards for 3XL
-approx. 1400 yards for 4XL
*see pattern for more specific notes about yardage (based on length, edging, etc)

Regular crochet hook in size 6.5mm

Tunisian crochet hook in size 8mm (cabled – see more on Tunisian hooks)

Double-ended Tunisian hook in size 8mm (see more on Tunisian hooks)

Note that when crocheting the sleeves, if you have a set of cabled hooks it is possible to use a slightly smaller hook for the back end instead of purchasing a new, double-ended hook. For the yellow cardi pictured, I used the actual hook size at the front – for pulling up the loops – and the next size down for pulling the loops through on the back end. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked!

Closures like these (if desired)

Gauge: 13 Tunisian Honeycomb sts x 11 rows = 4” square

This pattern uses the Tunisian Honeycomb stitch. If you are new to Tunisian, I recommend making something small first like my Bee’s Knees face cloth pattern or the Back in Brugge beanie. Those are both fun, quick patterns that will get your feet wet before jumping in!

The Honeycomb Cardi pattern is available on both Ravelry and Etsy. Thank you!

Back in Brugge Beanie

This pattern is not exactly beginner friendly, but at the same time it is not particularly difficult. One of my lovely testers had only crocheted this stitch one time in the past, and that was to make my Back in Brugge Beanie. As a somewhat beginner, she found this pattern to be a bit challenging, but was able to complete it without assistance.

If categorizing this pattern for level of difficulty, I would say that this is a confident beginner Tunisian pattern. The most difficult part to master is how to make the increases on the yoke and how to do the decreases on the sleeves. That being said, there are many photos included showing you exactly where to place your hook and which loops to pick up. As always, should you get stuck feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to help!

Find this pattern on Ravelry, Etsy, or here in the Heart Hook Home shop. Thank you!

Honeycomb Cardi Crochet Pattern

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  1. I love it. I am just starting to make my first small Tunisian crochet project but am bookmarking this for later when I'm more proficient.
  2. This is so lovely! I really like the color combinations plus it's Tunisian Crochet! I learned Tunisian Crochet over the summer and its just wonderful! The honeycomb stich is one of my favorites so far and I'm looking forward to getting this pattern on my hooks! Thanks for sharing :)