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Bombshell Bomber Cardi Crochet Pattern

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Okay, okay, so I just had to design another cardigan. In my head this cardigan was a shorter, Bomber Jacket style cardigan that would flatter any body type and I think this is a success!

Bombshell Bomber Cardi

Bombshell Bomber Cardi

I decided to call this the Bombshell Bomber Cardi because it makes me feel just that – like a bombshell. Any cardigan that can pull that feeling off is a winner in my book! I hope you love this new cardigan design as much as I do! For this pattern we are using Red Heart Soft yarn, which has an excellent feel, a nice sheen, and makes for a nice, sturdy design.

Bombshell Bomber Cardi

This cardigan is meant to be on the small side, so that when you zip it up it allllmost feels too tight. I personally will never wear it zipped up entirely, instead I plan to leave it a bit unzipped – if I zip it at all. I just love the look of the zipper on this one, I think it gives it that finished, high end feel. Although it looks fine without a zipper also, I think you’ll prefer it too!

Bombshell Bomber Cardi pattern with button

If you want a classier look, check out this version with just one single button at the top. So chic, so classy, and not too tight around the middle. Perfection!

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Bombshell Bomber Cardi Crochet Pattern

If you need help on adding the zipper you can find a written tutorial with great photos AND video tutorial for that here. If you are using a zipper with metal teeth like I did, and you need to shorten the zipper to the correct length, I have a brand new tutorial for that as well!

How to Shorten a Zipper with Metal Teeth


Crochet hook in size J/6mm
Red Heart Soft Yarn (size 4/Aran/worsted weight)
Zipper (optional, at least 18”long)

This pattern is available in seven sizes:

Small – approx. 650 yards
Medium – approx. 700 yards
Large – approx. 1000 yards
XL – approx. 1150 yards
2XL – approx. 1300 yards
3XL – approx. 1450 yards

You can also make this pattern in a variety of children’s sizes, which are available for free:

3/6 month
12 month

Get this pattern on Ravelry! ~thank you!

Picking your Size:

There is a sizing chart included in the pattern. You will want to measure your bust and compare to the chart to determine your size. As a side note, please make sure to measure wearing the bra you wish to wear with the cardigan. It may sound silly, but this made a huge difference in the several that I have made, and for my testers as well. 😉

Bombshell Bomber Cardi


12 sts & 10 rows = 4” square

Pattern Notes:

• Pattern written US terms.
• The chain at beginning of row does NOT count as a stitch.
• A tutorial for the mattress stitch (used to sew shoulders together) can be found here.

Get this pattern on Ravelry! ~thank you!

Thank you so much for loving my patterns and for supporting me as a designer. I absolutely LOVE seeing the works made from my patterns, so be sure to tag me with @HeartHookHome when you share on social media so I can see yours!

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  1. Hi. I really love this Cardi but can only find the children's sizes. Please point me in the right direction. Thank you
    1. Hi Wendy! There are links to Ravelry, Etsy, and the Heart Hook Home Blog Shop within this blog post where you can purchase the adult version of this cardi. I hope this helps!
  2. I just got some Touch of Alpaca from Lion Brand on sale. Do you think the Bombshell Bomber would work in this yarn? Thanks.
  3. I have tried twice to download this—once yesterday and then again today. It keeps telling me I have to pay for it. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?
  4. Hi Ashlea. Thank you for this offer. I'm having trouble downloading the free pattern. I had to change my chrome setting so it would download and tried the code a second time, but now ravelry wants me to pay $6.00, after I entered the code again. What should I do? Thank you so much for any advice. Linda
  5. Hi. Thank you for this offer. I'm having trouble downloading the free pattern. I had to change my chrome setting so it would download and tried the code a second time, but now ravelry wants me to pay $6.00, after I entered the code. What should I do? Thank you so much for any advice. Linda
  6. Hi , I went to ravelry and it jumped to paypal and would not let me enter the promo code ....they wanted my credit card. Can you tell me what I did or didn't do wrong,please? Thanks for offering the free patterns.
  7. Hi Ashley! My problem is that I never know what is a reasonable amount to charge per hour is. Sometimes a situation comes that I donate the supplies but I'm stumped after that, and as you have mentioned, I do not want to undervalue the work I will put into it! I often end up having them supply the supplies and I will donate the work. Another way to get your work and talent known out there is to make an item such as a beautiful afghan is to donate one (materials and work) to a fundraiser where they will sell raffel tickets for it. I do that every year, if I can afford it, for a children's hospital and it has pulled in quite a lot of money for them doing it that way!
  8. Hi Ashlea, thank you for pattwtn just a quwstion, i am from South Africa and am battling to find nice Aran /Worst wool, otherwise very expensive can I use DK or chunky wool?.
    1. Hi Charmaine! You can use a DK weight, just go down a hook size and up a pattern size. Hope this helps!
  9. Hi, I love your patterns, and I’m hoping, that you will offer free patterns every once in a while. Looking forward to trying some patterns.
    1. Hi Liz! I do offer free patterns! If you put "free crochet patterns" in the search bar on my page, it will provide a list of all my free patterns =)