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33 Halloween Crochet Ideas and Patterns

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Halloween is such a fun holiday. There’s not much better than crocheting Halloween costumes or components for the little trick-or-treaters in your world. Use this extensive list of 33 Halloween crochet ideas and patterns to make yours!

33 Halloween Crochet Ideas and Patterns

33 Fun Halloween Crochet Ideas and Patterns

I can’t help but smile when kiddos in costumes come to my door saying “Trick or Treat!” Little witches and zombies melt my heart and make me want to buy the full sized candy bars just to get more cuties to show up.

Whether it’s at my house with the boys, or over at a friend’s, I love a good Halloween themed party too. Headstones in the front yard, spiderwebs strewn about, and one of those candy dishes that slap your hand when you try to grab a candy bar.  I love all kinds of spooky decorations!

I also really appreciate a hand made or crocheted costume.  There’s something about the creativity and dedication that is put into a handmade costume that I adore.

Do you love spooky snacks?  While I have a recipe for Feet-loaf (Halloween meatloaf) and a small round up of Friendly Ghosts Crafts and Snacks that will start your journey on a fantastic Halloween, I’m focusing more on decorations and costumes today.

If you are throwing a party this year, then reading further is a must. You’ll be all set with crochet Halloween decorations, crocheted Halloween party favors, and a few crochet Halloween costume patterns in case you need some inspiration.

How to Size Crochet Beanies

1.  Master Beanie crochet pattern  This pattern is so versatile because it is the base to your creativity.  You can add horns, faces, fake hair, eyes, there is no limit.  Add some earflaps to add a touch of warmth or to make into legs, arms, or whatever else completes the character.

free unicorn ears and horn crochet patterns

2.  Unicorn Horn and Ears  Add these to the above Master Beanie or to another item such as the Marvelous Moss Hooded Tunic or the Painted Canyon Cardigan.  These work up quickly and make a great last minute costume idea for all ages.

Halloween Jack Sparrow Inspired hat for Halloween crochet pattern

3.  Jack Sparrow Inspired Costume  5 years ago my son wanted to be Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Caribbean, so of course I had to oblige.   This would work great for any pirate themed outfit or make it in a lot of colors for a 60’s themed hippie.

Tunisian crochet pumpkin pattern

4.  Tunisian Crochet Pumpkin  While there are a lot of cute pumpkin patterns, there’s not a lot of Tunisian crochet ones.  This is a beginner friendly pattern.  Add some removeable felt Jack o’ Lantern eyes and a spooky mouth and it can double as a fall decoration after Halloween!!

5.  The Joker Amigurumi  Do you have a kiddo going as Batman this year?  Well of course they need a little Joker to go with their outfit.  This works great for them to play with in the mean time to keep up their Batman enthusiasm and to save the wear and tear on their costume if it was purchased too early.  🤣

Bunny Beanie with Ears Crochet Pattern

6.  Bunny Beanie with Ears  Do you have a little one obsessed with bunnies?  This is not only a perfect Easter hat, it can be made into an Alice in Wonderland, Peter Rabbit, or an adult bunny costume.

7. Bearly Scary Beanie  Great for little ones that will be riding in the stroller with a blanket on.

Team Spirit Beanie Crochet Pattern

8.  Team Spirit Beanie  Are you looking for an “Oh no it’s Halloween tonight!” pattern?  Dress up as a super fan for your favorite team.  Add a jersey and a football and you’re all set.

9.  Cute and Easy Small Crochet Witch  If you are looking for cute party favors for a Halloween get together, then look no further than this adorable witch.  She’s small and would make an awesome addition to your Halloween decorations.

10.  Halloween Pumpkin Placemat  If you want to spruce up your table for the season, then these are the perfect addition, because no party table is complete without placemats.  These would be a perfect setting piece for my Feet-loaf recipe above.  Add in some spooky snacks and you’re all set.

11.  Sally Skulls Earrings  When you can’t wear a costume, but still want to support your Halloween side.  These spooky skulls will make a statement without having to get dressed up.  Check out her Candy Corn Earrings while you’re there.

12.  Halloween Crochet Ponytail Holder  These are perfect for party favors if you have smaller guests.  If your child’s school doesn’t allow costumes, they can slip these on and still celebrate the holiday.

13.  Spiderweb Halloween Coasters  Yes, these could be traditional coasters, party favors, or strung together like a spooky garland, but they could also be made for a Spiderman lover to throw like when Spiderman shoots webs from his hands.

14.  Small Crochet Pumpkin Pattern  Are you looking for a unique pumpkin pattern?  This cutie is a corner to corner (c2c) using the cluster stitch.  The pattern is customizable, so you can make the pumpkin as big or as small as you would like.

15.  Sean’s Monster Beanie  This beanie is so cute that you can wear it anytime, not just Halloween.  All the kids will want one for themselves, so be sure to have your hook ready after your kiddo wears it to school.

16.  Black Cat Crochet Towel Topper  Need to liven up your kitchen?  This adorable towel topper will give it the Halloween vibes that it needs.

17.  Frankenstein Candy Bowl  Candy- check, bowl to put it in…  Don’t grab the random bowl from the cupboard, get the same oooh’s and awwwwe’s back that you’re handing out for a bowl that YOU made.

18.  Little Ghost Crochet Pattern  Party favor, decoration, or just something to brighten a coworkers day.  This little ghost works up quickly and is sure to please everyone, nothing spooky about it.

19.  Candy Corn Bunting  This is the decoration that you need to amp up your décor.  You can hang it up inside, outside, or decorate an office cubicle.

20.  Crochet Pumpkin Hat Pattern  Who is the cutest pumpkin in the patch?  Whomever is wearing this hat is.  The pattern comes in sizes toddler and child.

21.  Baxter the Hanging Bat  No creepy critters here, only cuteness overload.  These work up quickly and they can be made in whatever color you want to please all genders.

22.  Ghost Kitchen Towel  Make with cotton for extra absorbency so as not to get spooked by wet messes.  Almost too cute to use, but it will make everyone smile.

23.  Children’s Scrubs Costume Pattern  Do you have a little nurse or doctor in training?  Make them this costume and watch their eyes light up this year.  Comes in children’s sizes 2 through 10.

24.  Poisoned Apple crochet pattern  Make as an embellishment to an outfit, string together a bunch as a garland, or add a string to make it into an ornament.

25.  Crochet Witch Gnome  These little witches have so many varieties and aren’t their little accessories adorable?  The pattern has lots of pictures so that you can make sure that you’re on the right track.

26.  Dinosaur Spike Hat  Do you have a dinosaur lover?  This is the perfect addition to any dino costume.  The pattern is written for toddler up to age 5, but there are instructions in the pattern section to help make it for all ages.

27.  Crochet Spider Mug Rug  Make sure all of your tasty beverages don’t ruin your furniture at your next gathering by handing out mug rugs.  One of the best parts of this pattern?  No ends to weave in!!

28.  How to crochet a spiderweb  Everyone knows that the best part of Halloween decorations is the spiderwebs.  Most cheap store bought ones don’t last past one season, but this one will last for a long time and you can make it in whatever color scheme that you want.

29.  Pumpkin Patch Hat  Pumpkin patches and corn mazes are not complete without a cute pumpkin hat to make your little one stand apart.  Just look for the moving pumpkin.

30.  Halloween Eyeball Coaster  Looking for some creepy coasters to keep your table tops protected and a fun way to  know who’s drink is theirs?  These are double sided for extra thickness and so that the fronts look just as good as the backs.

31.  Easiest Crochet Pumpkin pattern  As the name implies, this is a super easy pumpkin pattern.  Once you get the hang of it, you can use any stitch and make a pumpkin as unique as you!

32.  Creepy Crawly Spider Sock pattern  Don’t want to venture out on Halloween?  Cozy up in these fun socks and keep your toes warm while handing out candy to Trick or Treaters.

33.  Crochet Halloween Candy Bags  Now there’s no reason to carry any of your kid’s candy this year.  Make the optional backpack straps and strap it on them.  🤣🤣  The drawstring will make sure that no candy is lost.

I hope you love these 33 ideas for incorporating crochet into your Halloween festivities this year!

33 Halloween Crochet Ideas and Patterns

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