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Creighton’s Blanket: Free Stitch Sampler Crochet Pattern

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I think my girlfriends had a secret meeting and decided to all have babies at the same time. Since I am done having babies myself this, of course, means that I get all the baby cuddles and newborn smells without the dirty diapers annnnd that I need to crochet faster. Ha! Creighton’s blanket is an extremely customizable crochet stitch sampler pattern that can be used for a baby blanket, a lapghan, or a full blown king size blanket!

Crochet Stitch Sampler Blanket Pattern

Creighton’s Blanket

To break this crochet blanket pattern into bite-sized pieces, I decided to make it two parts. In part one we will crochet the different squares (the more squares you have, the bigger the blanket) that we will then piece together in part two, along with adding the border.

Stitch sampler baby blanket crochet pattern

Each block should be about 6″ square, depending on your gauge. These squares work up SUPER fast! Great for crocheting while watching Netflix, or listening to a free audio book! Which, by the way, if you’re listening to audio books, I invite you to join my virtual book club!

Crochet Stitch Sampler Blanket


Worsted weight/Aran/Size 4 yarn
*this is what I’m using for the new squares pictured below, this is the midnight blue/silver completed blanket
-approx. 925 yards for baby blanket
-approx. 2200 yards for small throw
-approx. 3800 yards for large throw
-approx. 5600 yards for full
-approx. 7600 yards for king
Crochet hook in size I/5.5mm

Find part TWO of Creighton’s Blanket here.

Fun and fast baby blanket crochet pattern

What size of Creighton’s blanket are you crocheting? This chart will tell you how many squares you’ll need…

Creighton's Blanket Crochet Pattern Size Chart

Creighton's Blanket: Free Crochet Pattern

You can mix and match the squares any way you like, for Creighton’s baby blanket I made 25 squares comprised of:

Half Double Crochet
Crossed Double Crochet
Lemon Peel
Moss Stitch
Mini Bean
Waffle Stitch

Crochet Squares

Of course, if you’d like to throw in a few other crochet stitches into this stitch sampler blanket, use your creative license to do so! Just make sure they all end up the same size (within 1/2″) when the squares are finished. We’ll block the squares before connecting them, but it’s always nice to have the closest size as possible at any rate.

Don’t worry about the border being exactly the same number of stitches on each square, but do make sure you crochet them as evenly as possible. If you need help with adding a border to crochet, this border tutorial will help!

If you need help reading a crochet pattern, make sure you head over here and check out this detailed post.

Bobble Stitch

Bobble Crochet Stitch

Here’s a Bobble Stitch tutorial.

Row 1: Ch-20, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each to end. (19)
Row 2: Ch-1, turn, sc in 2 sts. * bobble in next st, sc in 3 sts * repeat to end, sc in last 4 sts.
Row 3: Ch-1, turn, hdc in each st to end. (19)
Row 4: Ch-1, turn, sc in 4 sts. * bobble in next st, sc in 3 sts * repeat to end, sc in last 2 sts.
Row 5: Repeat row 3.
Row 6: Repeat row 2.
Row 7: Repeat row 3.
Row 8: Repeat row 4.
Row 9: Repeat row 3.
Row 10: Repeat row 2.
Row 11: Repeat row 3.
Row 12: Repeat row 4.
Row 13: Repeat row 3.
Row 14 Repeat row 2.
Row 15: Repeat row 3.
Border: Ch-1, sc in each st around entire square, placing 2 scs in each corner.

Lemon Peel Stitch

Lemon Peel Crochet Stitch

Here’s a Lemon Peel stitch tutorial.

Row 1: Ch-19, * dc in 3rd ch from hook, sc in next * repeat to end. (17)
Row 2: Ch-1, turn, * sc in next, dc in next * repeat between * * to end, sc in last. (17)
Row 3: Ch-2, turn, * dc in next, sc in next * repeat between * * to end, dc in last. (17)
Row 4 – 15: Repeat row 2 & 3 six times.
Row 16: Repeat row 2.
Border: Ch-1, sc in each st around entire square, placing 2 scs in each corner.

Crossed Double Crochet

Crossed Double Crochet Stitch

Here’s a Crossed Double Crochet tutorial.

Row 1: Ch-20, dc in 3rd ch from hook. * Sk next ch, dc in next. Dc in skipped st. * repeat between * * to end. Dc in last ch. (18)
Row 2: Ch-2, * Sk next st, dc in next. Dc in skipped st. * repeat between * * to end. (18)
Row 3: Ch-2, dc in first st, * Sk next st, dc in next. Dc in skipped st. * repeat between * * to end, dc in last. (18)
Repeat rows 2 & 3 three more times.
Border: Ch-1, sc in each st around entire square, placing 2 scs in each corner.

Half Double Crochet

Half Double Crochet Stitch

Here’s a Half Double Crochet tutorial.

Row 1: Ch-20, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each to end. (19)
Rows 2 – 14: Ch-1, turn, hdc in each st to end. (19)
Border: Ch-1, sc in each st around entire square, placing 2 scs in each corner.

Moss Stitch

Moss Stitch

Here’s a Moss Stitch tutorial, and here’s how I carry the yarn up each row instead of weaving in a million ends. I hope it helps!

Row 1: Ch-23. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and each to end. (22)
Row 2: Ch-2, turn, * skip next st, sc in next, ch-1* repeat to end, ending with a sc in last st.
*change colors here and every other row, carrying yarn each time*
Rows 3 – 20: Ch-2, turn, sc in first ch-1 sp from previous row. *ch-1, sc in next ch-1 sp* repeat to end, ending with a sc in the beg ch-sp from previous row.
Row 21: do not change color here – Ch-1, turn, sc in each ch and st to end. (22)
Border: sc in each st around entire square, placing 2 scs in each corner.

Mini Bean

Mini Bean Stitch for Creighton's Blanket

Here’s a Mini Bean tutorial.

Row 1: Ch-21, mini bean in 3rd ch from hook. *sk st, mini bean in next * repeat between * * to end. (10 MBs)
Rows 2 – 15: Ch-1, turn, MB in side of MB from previous row to end. (10 MBs)
Border: Sc in each st around entire square, placing 2 scs in each corner.

Waffle Stitch

Waffle Stitch Crochet Square

Here’s a Waffle Stitch tutorial.

Row 1: Ch-22. Dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. (20)
Row 2: Ch-2, turn, dc in first 2 sts, * fpdc around next post, dc in next 2 sts * repeat between * * to end. (20)
Row 3: Ch-2, turn, dc in first st, fpdc in next. * dc in next st, fpdc around next 2 sts * repeat between * * 4 more times, dc in next st, fpdc in next, dc in last. (20)
Rows 4 – 13: Repeat rows 2 & 3
Row 14: repeat row 2.
Border: Ch-1, sc in each st around entire square, placing 2 scs in each corner.

Make as many squares in varying colors/crochet stitches as you like. Like I said above, do not be afraid to use your own creative license! Just make sure they are all roughly the same size. Ready for part TWO? Head right on over here!

Stitch Sampler Crochet pattern

In part two of Creighton’s Blanket we learn how to join the squares, and add the border. I am making a small throw size and I can’t wait to share more photos of it with you as I work on it! I’ll share some on my Instagram, so be sure to follow there and feel free to tag me in your photos with @HeartHookHome so I can see yours too! ♥

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  1. Is there a certain number of stitches for each border of the squares? I am getting ready to start this and wanted to make sure I had the correct number of stitches for the border of the different squares. Thank you!
    1. Hi Monica! Since each square uses different stitches, they all pretty much have different stitch row counts...so the border stitches will all be different as well.
  2. Which stitch did you use for the navy and silver stripe and how did you know when to change the yarn?
    1. That is the Moss Stitch square and I changed colors every 2 rows. There is a video in the Moss stitch section showing how to carry the yarn with those color changes.
  3. This is gorgeous! I, unfortunately, have a hard time following directions and tend to change things. In my mind, I figure larger squares = less joining so I doubled the size of my first square. I am hoping it will work if I double everything. What do you think?? Any advice or suggestions are welcomed. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Hi! Going to make the Creighton Blanket in either the baby 5x5 or 5x6…. How many skeins of each do I need! Blue is dominant color & gray is other… please advise… thanks! Bev Would you suggest Caron simply soft or red heart super saver?
  5. Love the blanket! Trying to do the lemon stitch- tutorial is different from what you have written here. Tutorial always starts with dc and ends with dc. Which is correct?
    1. Hi! Both are correct. When you have an even number of stitches you will start with a sc and end with a dc (or vice versa) but with an odd number of stitches, you will start and end with the same stitch.
  6. This blanket is super adorable! I love the variations of stitches in the squares, it gives the blanket such a fun, unique look with many combinations! Can't wait to make this!
  7. I really like the look of this blanket and needed a winter into spring project. I am early done with this blanket in King Size. I am half way through joining the squares, border is next :) I would love to share pictures.
    1. Hi Carrie! I am so glad you are enjoying the pattern! I would love to see pics =) You can share them to the Heart Hook Home facebook page or send them in email to ashlea@hearthookhome.com
  8. I would really like to make this for a friend’s baby. Can you please state which squares should be which colors and patterns? I know you said we could do it any way we like but I’m really not creative and bad with putting these things together well.
    1. Hi there, what I've personally done twice now is decide which size I'm making, and therefore know how many squares I need and then divide that number by 7 (the amount of different stitch types included here) and that tells me how many squares of each I need. For example, I'm doing a 5x6 for a baby blanket as I want it to be rectangular rather than square. So I did 4 of each stitch type (2 of each colour), then I did an extra moss stitch (for an extra blend of the two colours I'm using) meaning I had 29 to make . Once all done, I laid them all out on the table and moved them around til I was happy with the pattern and there was one missing space. I could then see which colour I needed to do the last square with, and could pick which stitch was best in that place. I then took a photo so I remember how to put them all together. Hope that helps!
      1. Omg that helps so much! Thank you! I ordered the yarn and have just been staring at it because I’m clueless as to where to start. It’s overwhelming. Appreciate the feedback. It helps so much
        1. I feel like I procrastinated so much when I did my first one, but seem to be getting the second one done in half the time! I'm a novice but this site is the best - I'm eager to try a couple of the cardigans next. Good luck with your project!x
  9. Our sons name is Creighton. Something tells me I will be making this one. . What are the exact colors and brand of the yarn?
    1. Thank you very much for sharing so many skills , Ashlea, this is really generous of you. Have all my gratitude, dear.
  10. You are incredible. I have crocheted for 55 years. Once I learned how to follow a pattern I thought I was made. You have taught an old dog (female) new tricks.
  11. Hi Ashley. I’m a big fan of your patterns and have just started to make a king size blanket for my new house. Ive made a few squares so far, trying out the different patterns and have found the cross double square is a lot smaller than the waffle, lemon peel, or bobble squares I’ve done. Ive followed the pattern exactly but just wondering should I expect the cross double square to stretch a lot when blocking or am I doing something wrong here, I don’t want to do 28 of them for them to all be too small! Thanks so much!
    1. Hello it tells you at the top how many squares you would need for each size. So you would just need to make more squares in whichever of the stitches shown you choose.
  12. I’ve found the midnight blue yarn but I’m having trouble finding the silver yarn. Can you tell me where you purchased the yarn.
  13. What a wonderful blanket. I have used your tutorials as I have limited crochet knowledge to make a blanket for myself. I have lots of wool as I am a confident knitter so my blanket is a multi coloured one. I will admit I have done lots of unpicking to get my work near to perfect. Thank you again
  14. Thank you so much! This blanket is beautiful, and you’re so generous to put this tutorial together!
  15. I just wanted to say thank you! I taught myself how to crochet using this pattern, with my first grand baby on her way as my motivation. I learned so much from this and your other tutorials! It turned out great (though I may be biased and my fingers a little worn! ). Thanks again.