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Nutmeg Nibbles: Free Placemat Crochet Pattern for Fall

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This project is sponsored by Hobby Lobby, the crochet pattern and opinion are my own.

Nutmeg Nibbles Crochet Placemat

Fall is in the air! What better way to welcome the cooler weather and smells of autumn than right at your own dinner table? This NEW crochet placemat pattern featuring Yarn Bee Nutmeg Nibbles Sugarwheel Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby is fun, quick, and uses just one skein!

Nutmeg Nibbles Placemat Pattern

Here in Kansas the weather is starting to cool off and the leaves are starting to change. This means that we are now officially in my favorite time of the year. Bring it on, fall! For some reason I love to decorate the most during the cooler seasons. Something about the smell of pumpkin spice and the crispness in the air. Bringing out my fall décor gets me into the spirit of football, comfort food, oversized sweaters, and surrounding myself with dear friends and family. This year as I pulled out our fall decorations I noticed that the one thing I did not have was fall themed placemats for our dining room table. We can’t be having that, so I whipped up a pattern to suit!

Crochet placemat pattern

When I ran across this feathered stitch in Complete Crochet Course, I knew I had to incorporate it into a new pattern. Using basic stitches, mainly half double crochet, this pattern is perfect for advanced beginners.  Not only did I design this new free crochet placemat pattern for fall using a stitch that reminds me of falling leaves, but the colorway of “Nutmeg Nibbles” couldn’t be more aptly named.  Add in some cream colored napkins with wooden napkin rings and your fall table is set!

Nutmeg Nibbles Crocheted Placemats

I have designed this pattern to use just ONE cake of Yarn Bee Sugarwheel cotton cakes. Because this yarn is 100% cotton, you could also use it as a hot pad with confidence as you serve large casserole dishes this Thanksgiving. If you’d like a long table runner using this stitch and yarn, that would be gorgeous too! Just keep doing the row repeat until you get it the length you like, then continue on to the edging rows. Easy peasy, just like we like it!

Nutmeg Nibbles Placemats


Crochet hook in size G/4mm
Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton in Nutmeg Nibbles (100% cotton) – 1 skein per placemat

Pattern notes:

Crochet tightly so as to not have snag-able loops.
Reserve about 1/2 of the last color from the cake for the edging and border rows.
Pattern instructions written using US terms.

See the VIDEO TUTORIAL for this pattern below!

Finished dimensions:

Approx. 18” wide and 12” tall


Row 1: Fhdc-69 (or ch-70, hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch to end). (69)

Row 2: Ch-1, turn, hdc in first st. * ch-1, sk next st, hdc in next * repeat between * * to end. (69)

Row 3: Ch-1, turn, hdc in first st, ch-1. * Yo and pull up a loop in same ch-sp (3 loops on hook), yo and pull up a loop in the skipped st directly below from row 1 (5 loops on hook), yo and pull up a loop in next ch-sp (7 loops on hook). Yo pull through all 7 loops, and ch-1 to close the stitch. * Feather stitch made. Repeat between * * to end, hdc in last st. (33 feathers and 1 hdc in each end of row)

Pulling up loops for feather stitchShowing where to pull up each loop in rows 4 – 40.

Rows 4 – 40: Ch-1, turn, hdc in first st, ch-1. * Yo and pull up a loop in same ch-sp (3 loops on hook), yo and pull up a loop in the ch-sp directly below from previous row (5 loops on hook), yo and pull up a loop in next ch-sp (7 loops on hook), yo pull through all loops, ch-1. * Repeat between * * to end. Hdc in last st.

Row 41: ch-1, turn, hdc in each st to end. Do not fasten off.

Border rows:

Row 1: where still attached, insert hook and place 2 more hdc in corner stitch. Turn work 90° clockwise and place one hdc in each row end to corner. Place 3 hdc in the corner stitch and turn to hdc in each stitch along the bottom edge. Place 3 hdc in the corner stitch, turn work 90° clockwise, hdc in each row end to next corner. (You should now be at the top right corner). Do not fasten off.

Row 2: Ch-1, Crab Stitch in each stitch around entire placemat, place last crab stitch as close to the first as possible, weave in ends using the Invisible Join method.

VIDEO Tutorial:

YouTube video
These would make a great housewarming or wedding gift for someone hosting their first Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Make some in bright colors to cover all of the seasons and make someone’s dining table the focal point of the room this year.  I hope you love this easy crochet placemat pattern!

Nutmeg Nibbles Placemats

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  1. I absolutely love this patters. I have made the place mats, and it is stunning, thank you. What I would like to know is if it is possible to crochet this pattern in the round. I would love to make round place mats with the same stich, but not sure if it is possible, and where to start. Thank you
  2. Should the 70 chains be loose rather than tight? I am also having trouble with it curving on me. I am finding that I am having to restart this project multiple times as I am having a very hard time getting the length to 18”. I use a 4mm hook for the chain and then to try and keep it from curving I change to a 4.5mm. Please help I love this pattern and am making them for a wedding gift.
    1. Hi Mandy! You could try going up a hook size for the chain only...then going down for the remainder of the pattern.
  3. For both the pattern and video tutorial, I suggest calling the “missed” stitch from the previous row that you crochet into, the “skipped” stitch. It makes more sense to me because that wasn’t a forgotten or missed, but a purposefully skipped stitch. I had a difficult time figuring out what to do until I watched the video and realized you were referring to the skipped stitch. If others think like me, this simple change will help them understand. Thanks for creating and sharing great patterns, and your efforts. I love this beautiful pattern. The placemats look excellent! I apologize if this was already suggested, I didn’t read all the comments.
  4. I saw this and I had to try the stitch. I bought the Nutmeg Nibbles colors 4 skeins that had the colors all the same. I am not done with the first one yet but I have noticed that they yarn changes color at different areas in a row. I think it will still be pretty and of course unique. I am guessing that all 4 placemats may be the same colors but not changing colors at the same time. Thank you for sharing
  5. Hi. I like this pattern and colors alot. I looked on Amazon. Can you tell me from where I can buy the exact colors? Thank you so much
    1. Hi Amy! Yes, you may sell your finished products...I just ask that pattern credit goes to Heart Hook Home =)
  6. Thank you so much for posting this wonder Stitch, it is fun to crochet new and amazing projects...for me anyway, this particular stitch is new. I was wondering how you would make this placemat smaller, as I use acrylic yarn instead of wool....I like the stretch, acrylic has while I do my work. It was very big...almost thought I had to purchase a larger table...JK. What would you suggest? New to your web page and love looking at everything.... God Bless you Son and hope he is doing well. Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy 2021. From Patti Jones in Lake Stevens, WA.
  7. Love this pattern made it in acrylic with caron cakes yarn followed your pattern at first it came out too big so I cut the number of stitches and it worked perfectly going to be a Christmas present for my daughter.
    1. Karen, I had the same outcome...almost thought to myself, I'll need a larger Table...LOL.... what number of stitches did you use for your acrylic yarn? Also, I'm doing the same think, Christmas Gifts for next year...it will take me that long for placemats of 6 for each of my 6 daughters...LOL. hugs Patti
  8. I absolutely love this pattern. The stitch is new to me so I am thankful that you have a video tutorial for this as well. Otherwise I would have struggled a bit. I am using a cotton yarn I purchased from Hobbii. It is lighter and requires a smaller hook size but the definition is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing both the written pattern and a tutorial video.
  9. Just started my placemats, and I have to thank you so very much for sharing this stitch. I love it! it slides right off the hook, and make such a gorgeous field of color and texture! As I said before, I'm using Loops & Threads Cotton Colors in Raindrop. I'll be using them for my casual dining space in my kitchen. Love this yarn too, by the way. This is the first time I've used it. But now I want to make a more elegant set for my dining room, and for holidays! These would make a wonderful gift for someone too. Again, thanks so much for sharing the stitch, and creating such a lovely pattern to show it off. Pictures later!
  10. FYI, I'm finally getting around to using this great pattern, but in a different color way. I've looked around and found a nice worsted in exactly the colors I need for my casual eat-in kitchen. It's Cotton Colors by Loops and Threads, and is 100% cotton. I wanted a blend, but I love the color Raindrop so much, I decided to try it out. Each ball has 394 yards. If I remember, I'll try and post about it once I start working on them. And by the way, I worked your fabulous Head Honcho Poncho some months ago, but never sent you a pick. I did end up adding tassels, and I believe it is my favorite outer garment! Everyone should try it. The pattern is perfectly easy, and perfectly gorgeous. Plus, you just can't beat that name!
  11. I love this and it looks easy when you do it but you so fast at times and I have to replay and replay and still miss some thing. Could you please do each new thing a little slower at times. Even the easy stitches are a little hard for newbies. Thanks
  12. This pattern is absolutely beautiful, but like a couple of other stitchers, I find that one ball of this yarn does not give me 12” in height. I had to stop at 38 rows which gave me 10” in height. My FHDC of 69 stitches is exactly 18” wide so I feel my gauge is correct. I did follow pattern instructions to try to crochet tightly. After 38 rows I only had enough yarn remaining for the HDC around the three sides and 1 and 1/4 sides of the RSC. Having said this, I really like the pattern and accept the fact that it will take more than one skein of yarn to fully complete this beautiful placemat. I’ll make every attempt to purchase enough skeins with the same beginning color on the outside of the ball. Any chance for a double thick potholder pattern in this same stitch to use up the extra yarn I’ll have left over?
  13. There are two different skein sizes available at hobby lobby. Which did you use? 5 ounce or the 1.76 ounce. Thanks! Love the pattern :-)
  14. I found this pattern and as a newbie to crochet I am liking the challenge of this one (only because I'm still learning). Your tutorial was very easy to follow but I know my young daughter and she will want coasters to go with the placemats and recommendations on chain count or size. Meredith
  15. I love making this, but I cannot find a way to get 12 inches high from one skein. I switched to a 3.5mm hook and got the 18 inches across, but I have only about 9.5 inches in height. Any suggestions?
  16. Hi Ashlea, I would love to make this placemat in a solid navy blue and am new to crochet. Could you recommend a different brand of yarn please?
  17. Hi Ashlea - This stitch is so beautiful, I would love to use it to make a baby blanket. Do you have any tips/hints on a count for the starting chain and/or the gauge if a different weight yarn is used? Thanks so much! Michelle
    1. Hi Michelle! This stitch is used with an odd number stitch count, so I would just use whatever yarn you want with its recommended hook size and work a row of foundation hdc until you reach your desired width, ending on an odd number, then continue with the pattern until blanket height is reached. Hope this helps!
    1. Hi Kathleen! It is on the Hobby Lobby website...here is the link: https://www.hobbylobby.com/Yarn-Needle-Art/Yarn/Nutmeg-Nibbles-Yarn-Bee-Sugarwheel-Cotton-Yarn/p/80880561
  18. Love this stitch. I used a g hook. I got my 18 inch wide but it just give me 10 inches tried different size hook did not work. Had to use 2 skeins of yarn. I don’t get the same color of border around does that really matter. Does work if each placemat has different rows of color.
  19. Could this be used as a scarf stitch? I just don't know what the beginning chains would be. I am new-ish to crochet and have used the multiple system. Like 2 + 1 ect. Any help would be wonderful! Thank you very much for all you do. Linda
  20. Thank you for this pattern! I am making this as a table runner/hot pad. I was only able to get 3 skeins in the same dye lot. I’m hoping this will be long enough! So far I love the yarn and the pattern is pretty easy. Love your explanations of the pattern! Thanks again!
  21. I am dying to know what part of Kansas you’re from! I am in the south west corner! Never found another crochet enthusiast on the internet let alone in Kansas!! I’ve been crocheting for many any years, not to tell my age but my grandma taught me when I was young, like 10 probably! And I LOVE this pattern!! Just in time to make for a friends birthday
    1. Hi, Sarah, I'm an avid "Hearthookhome" reader, and although I live in Texas, I'm from Independence, KS. In fact, I'll be in Coffeyville for a family reunion in a few weeks! Good to meet another gal from the Sunflower State!
  22. Love this and wanted to get started on it right away. However, this color and 11 total out of the 12 color options are SOLD OUT. I would think since Hobby Lobby sponsored this they would want to wait until they actually had stock of the product being used. I'm seeing ppl have waited weeks for this brand of cotton to be in stock. What a shame. Wanted to use this supposed awesome yarn. Now I'm thinking I won't even bother.