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Mae’s Shawl: Free Triangle Shawl Crochet Pattern

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If you’re looking for a stylish project that will work well with virtually any yarn, and one that allows you to keep on crocheting until you run out of said yarn, Mae’s Triangle Shawl crochet pattern is it, friend!

Triangle shawl crochet pattern

Mae’s Shawl Crochet Pattern

I don’t know about you, but when I go on vacation or road trips – forget the mugs or magnets  – I buy yarn as my souvenir. Then I can say that this is my “Portland” scarf, or my “Dallas” hat, remembering the experience every time I don said accessory. Modeled after the Mae’s Chevron blanket pattern I published a while back, this triangle shawl uses the same crochet stitches and same basic principle.

free crochet pattern

This time we’ll start at the center and evenly grow the shawl in the shape of a triangle. What’s so great about this concept, is that you can literally continue crocheting until the project is as small or as large as you like, or until you run out of yarn.

You could, for example, make a small triangle and use it as a head kerchief. Or you could make a very large triangle and use it as a full body shawl, or even a lapghan.

How to make a triangle shawl

This shawl is a great pattern to use with that vacation yarn mentioned above! Not only can you use any yarn, but gauge is virtually irrelevant since you can simply stop whenever you like.

Triangle shawl pattern


Virtually any yarn with the recommended hook size as found on yarn label. More on yardage below.

mae's triangle shawl crochet pattern

For the grey version I used approximately 600 yards of a DK/Size 3/Lightweight Alpaca blend yarn I picked up in Portland, Oregon with a J/6mm crochet hook. This was the perfect size for a triangle scarf.

For the colorful version, so far I’ve used 750 yards of Capretta Superwash, a fingering weight yarn, with a size D/3.25mm hook. Right now it is the size of a triangle neck scarf, about 56″ wide. I do have more of this yarn and plan to continue working on it as a side project. When I decide I’m finished, I’ll share an updated photo and yardage information.


This pattern is not particularly difficult to crochet, but it does require counting and knowledge of all basic (and some advanced) crochet stitches.

Pattern Notes/Special Stitches:

Bead Stitch (tutorial here)

Linked Double Crochet (tutorial here)

Crossed Double Crochet (tutorial here)

Half Double Crochet (tutorial here)

DcIncUp = Increase at top point. Dc in next st, Fpdtr around center st 2 rows down, dc in same st as first dc. See clear, step-by-step photos for this particular stitch in Mae’s Chevron pattern.

I find it extremely helpful to mark the center-most stitch of each row with a stitch marker.

If using just one color/skein of yarn, ignore the yarn color changes throughout pattern.

Triangle Shawl Pattern

Row 1: With color A: Ch-2, 7hdc in 2nd ch from hook. (7)

Row 2: Ch-3, (counts as dc) turn, 2dc in first st. Ldc in next 2 sts, 3dc in next st. Ldc in next 2 sts, 3dc in last st. (13)

Row 3: Ch-1, (does not count as st) turn, 3hdc in first st, hdc in each st to center st, 3hdc in next. Hdc in each st to end, 3hdc in last. (19) Switch to color B

Row 4: Ch-3 (counts as dc), turn, 2dc in first st. * Bead, sk st * repeat between * * to center st. DcIncUp (see pattern notes). Repeat between * * down other side. 3dc in last st. (25)

Row 5: repeat row 3 (31) Switch to color C

Row 6: Ch-3, turn, 2dc in first st. * (sk next st, dc in next, dc in skipped st) * repeat between * * to center st. DcIncUp. Repeat between * * down other side. 3dc in last st. (37)

Row 7: repeat row 3 (43) Switch to color A

Row 8: Ch-3, (counts as dc) turn, 2dc in first st. Ldc to center st. DcIncUp. Ldc down other side. 3dc in last st.

Repeat rows 3 – 8 twelve more times (or whenever you feel like stopping)

Final Row: Ch-1, turn, sc in each st to end, placing 3sc in center st.

Fasten off and weave in all ends.

I hope you love working on this beautiful triangle scarf. ♥ When you’re finished I’d love to see a photo of yours. Tag me by using @HeartHookHome on Instagram and Twitter, or share in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community on Facebook.

Mae's Triangle Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

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  1. I love this pattern but am having trouble with the DcIcUp. Never saw this before. I know how to increase and double crochet but the up throws me and the combination of the three really throws me. I looked on Google but they only show dc and increase. I really need your help.
    1. Hi Jackie! Instructions on how to complete the DcIncUp is provided at the start of the pattern in the Abbreviations/Special Stitches section. DcIncUp = Increase at top point. Dc in next st, Fpdtr around center st 2 rows down, dc in same st as first dc. You can see clear, step-by-step photos for this particular stitch in Mae’s Chevron pattern here: https://hearthookhome.com/maes-chevron-crochet-blanket-pattern/
  2. I love this pattern but no matter what I do the center always looks crooked. Any idea what I’m doing wrong. To clarify it’s the DcIncUp stitch that goes crooked.
  3. I absolutely love the pattern. I'm probably medium experienced in crocheting and so far I'm managing. I just noticed Row 6 says it has 37 stitches, but if the previous one has 31 this is impossible. Let me explain: So we have dc in 31-3 stitches = 28 (skipping stitches and going back to the skipped one ends up with one dc into each of 28 stitches) 3 stiches are developing into: - 2dc (beginning) - 3 dc (the end) - 2 dc (in the middle) Which is in total 7 +28 = 35, not 37. Correct me if I'm wrong? Beautiful pattern anyway. I'm trying James C Brett DK yarn with J hook (I want it a bit as a lace). Regards from UK.
    1. Hi Ivana! The chain 3 at the beginning counts as a stitch, and there are 3 stitches in the center stitch (not 2)...which, when you add those 2 to your numbers above, gets you to 37. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi, I am only at row 2 I am having problems. I only have 11 stitch in total. What is my mistake? I redo all over again many times I still end up with 11.
    1. Hi Sasha! Sorry you are having trouble here. Without seeing it, I can't say exactly what the mistake is, but you should have 3 sts (ch3 and 2dc) in the 1st stitch, 1 Ldc in 2nd stitch, 1 Ldc in 3rd stitch, 3 dcs in 4th/center stitch, 1 Ldc in 5th, 1 Ldc in 6th, and 3 dcs in the 7th and final stitch...for a total of 13. Hope this helps.
      1. I'm also finding myself stuck in this area, I reviewed your photos and agree that there must be a Ldc in the 2nd and 3rd stitch as well as one in the 5th and 6th. Although I'm a little confused as to how exactly should I create those stitches, because in the Ldc instructions it says that each Ldc uses 2 stitch spaces. Is it at all possible to futher clarify with images? Thank you for your time and the wonderful pattern!
        1. I think I found the detail I was missing! So simple and yet so difficult to find. So from what I gather, each Ldc's first loop is created by going through the middle (horizontal) bar in the previous dc or ldc stitch and then the second loop in the actual stitch place. Correct me if I'm wrong, I just want to help but if I am in fact wrong I don't want to confuse anyone here. Thanks again for the amazing share! Have a great day!
  5. I absolutely love this pattern. I have trouble reading patterns. I learned to crochet by watching YouTube videos. My problem is I have trouble reading patterns with multiple steps. Especially if I have to go to another page to read a tutorial on how to do a specific stitch. It would be amazing to have a video tutorial of this shawl. I’m saving it to my Pinterest board for when I feel braver. Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern.
  6. Hihi! I’m in the beginning stages of making the tri-colour version, and I’m finding that the straight edge isn’t straight at all but I’ve been super careful about following the pattern and counting my stitches in every row. Any advice? Thanks in advance!!
    1. I'm having the same problem! It's curved as I continue with rows. I was thinking of only doing 2 st in the beg and ends of rows, but that puts the stitch count off for the pattern. I would love some advice on how to adjust things so the straight edge is straighter.
  7. It’s a beautiful scarf Tks for sharing. Can I use lion brand Madella cake for this scarf. I love the color palette they have n think it would look great here. Any help u can give me is appreciated. Thanks Merry
    1. Hi Merry! It can be made with pretty much any yarn you wish to use and just work it up until the shawl is the size you want...just use the recommended hook size for the yarn. Hope this helps!