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46 Crochet Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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I don’t know about you, but the holidays always sneak up on me. I think I have enough time to get all of my projects completed, gifts purchased, and food prepared. Then I find myself scrambling to the finish line. This list of 46 Crochet Stocking Stuffer Ideas is sure to make those last minute ideas easier!

46 crochet Stocking Stuffer Ideas

46 Crochet Stocking Stuffer Ideas

With gift giving season approaching I always try to think of last minute crochet items that I can make to have on hand, or quick patterns that I can store for later use. There’s always a last minute invite to a party, extra company showing up unexpectedly, or just plain forgetting someone on your gift list.

My favorite crochet gifts are things that are useful and will actually be used by the intended recipient. Even better is when I make a gift that ends up being a cherished item or something that they didn’t know that they needed in their life. I love that!

Holiday parties are a great place to escape the cold and warm up with friends and family.  At these events I really enjoy handmade decorations like snowflakes, garlands, and Christmas ornaments. If you’re hosting a party this year, don’t forget the Christmas Punch and why not make some Christmas Ornament Coasters to save your furniture? Sew some together and you also have a festive garland. 🎄

I hand picked some quick patterns that are sure to please everyone on your gift giving list this year. Something for everyone! Some of these would be great to work on year round and to keep in a gift closet for birthdays, housewarmings, or other special occasions throughout the year as well.

dragon scale gloves

1. Dragon Tears Fingerless Gloves  If there is someone in your life that always has cold hands, or works in a place that is less than warm, then these are a perfect gift.  They are stylish and will keep the recipient’s hands nice and toasty.

2. Personal Pouch  Have a teen that is hard to buy for?  (Aren’t they all?)  These can be made in whatever color is needed to match the receiver’s taste and are great for Ear buds.

3. Snowball crochet pattern  If you are going to be around a bunch of kids this winter, then these are a must.  They won’t get your floors wet and don’t hurt to be hit with.  Great for the days when you don’t want to play outside in the real snow.

4, Classic Coin Purse  A perfect gift for the hard to buy for girl on your list.  These can be made to hold coins, make up, or anything else small enough to be stowed inside.

5. Padded Guitar Strap and a Mini Guitar Amp Belt Holster  These two patterns are a must for the Guitar enthusiast on your list that is just starting out or needs some accessories.

6. Penelope the Pin Cushion  For the Sewer in your life that needs a little buddy to keep their pins in and as a bonus it sharpens the pins every time that it is used.

7. Egg-cellent Apron  If you have someone that is a chicken owner, then this apron is so useful.  Child sizes are also available to help the kiddos take an interest in helping gather eggs.  These also work great for Easter time too.

8. Frankie Cowl  It’s a triangle shawl, it’s cowl, nope it’s Frankenstein, but we will call it Frankie for short.  Spice up anyone’s wardrobe this year with this wind resistant wearable.

9. Reversible Men’s Scarf  Let’s say it all together, some men are hard to buy for.  This scarf is a great solution because most everyone can use a scarf once the weather gets cold enough.

10. Stitch Markers and Hook Reminders  What do you give the crocheter in your life that they couldn’t already make themselves?  These will save their sanity when they are working on multiple wips and need a way to remember their rows and hook size used.

11. Girl’s Best Friend Cross body Purse  For the women and little girls in your life that love a cute purse.  This pattern has child, adult, and even coin purse sizes included.

12. Hacky Sack  Need to get your kids, or even bigger kids, outside for awhile?  A Hacky Sack is hours of fun and great exercise for everyone.

13. Car Waste Basket  If there is a teen that is getting their first car soon, then get them started with good habits on keeping a clean car.  This is also perfect for the car that has a lot of kid traffic in it.

14. Gift Card Envelope  Sometimes a person is just too hard to buy for or wants something that is too specific for you to purchase.  This is when a gift card is the perfect item to give.  Put down your hook, you’ll need knitting needles for this one.

15. Hair Towel with a Twist  This is a perfect accessory for anyone with long hair or that likes to put on make up before they style their hair.  These make great stocking stuffers and there is a pattern for children too.

16. Yoga Mat Bag  Have a friend or family member that is into Yoga?  Or do you want to invite a person to be a Yoga buddy?  This Mat Bag Holder is a cute way to store and carry your mat to a class.

17. Grilling Apron  Hmmmmm, barbeque.  This is a great accessory to give to the person that loves to barbeque year round, not just in the summer.   There are multiple pockets to hold all the grilling essentials to free up their hands to tend to the grill.

18. Easiest Crochet Washcloth  A new set of washcloths is something every household can use.  Whether it is bundled together as a house warming gift or given as a Christmas gift, these are useful and always welcome.

19. Shrink Film Stitch Markers  One thing a crocheter can always use is more stitch markers.  They are always getting lost in the couch or walking off to start new lives.  Make unique ones for a friend so that they think of you every time that they use them.

20. Tunisian Twist Ear Warmer  When the weather gets cooler these make perfect gifts.   Whether they are tail gaiting, looking at holiday lights, or just having a night on the town, ear warmers will keep their ears from succumbing to the cold.

21. Target Practice for Baseball and Football  Any kid that is needing to practice throwing a baseball or football in the off season, or just to get in some extra time, will absolutely love and get some much use out of this.

22. Felted Crochet Hook Case  Another gift that a fellow crocheter will cherish is this hand made hook case.  If you are planning on handing down some cherished hooks, this would be a perfect carrying case for the soon to be treasured items.

23. Aldi Quarter Keeper  For those not familiar with Aldi’s, this is a store that has their carts locked up and requires a quarter to unlock the cart.  Once you return it you get your quarter back.  Problem is who can find a quarter when they actually need one?  Problem solved!!

24. Family Size Blanket  Are you looking for a gift to give to entire family?  This one is perfect because everyone can snuggle up on the couch for movie night.  Bundle this with a new DVD and a bag of popcorn, and you are on your way to a very loved gift.

25. Retractable Measuring Tape Keychain  For the handyperson on your list this year that is always misplacing their tape measurer.  It can also be gifted to any crafter that uses one regularly and needs one when out and about.

26. Baby Doll Dress and Hat  Every little doll lover will adore this pattern.  Complete it with a baby blanket and the included Moses Basket to make the receiver squeal with delight.

27. Mini Crochet Stockings  These are so cute and can be used in so many ways.  Gift card holders, strung together as a garland, or something to hide small gifts in that are too small to be wrapped.

28. Crochet Pencil Chapstick Holder and Keychain  Great for the teachers in your life to store a chapstick, or something adorable that can easily be attached to a backpack for school aged kids.

29. Mini Crochet Dolls  Ballerinas, Elfs, Harry Potter, Mermaids!!  There are so many different designs included in this pattern and they are all so cute and fun.  There is a doll for everyone.

30. How to crochet a teddy bear  A teddy bear is a classic gift that everyone can enjoy.  With this pattern, you can easily make a bear for your entire gift list this year.  Personalize them with scarves, hats, you name it.

31. Luxe Boho Christmas Stocking  Made with chunky yarn so they work up quickly, this adorable stocking with enhance any mantle.  The tassels really make the stocking unique and add a pop of color to personalize each one.

32. Snowman Baubles  Make these cuties into keychains, ornaments, garland, or small gifts for a classroom.  They are small enough to be used as a stash buster with minimal amounts of yarn needed.

33. Crochet Glasses Case  Spare glass cases are perfect for the person that is always misplacing their glasses.  They are also useful if you are planning on having company this year to keep on a bedside table just in case they forgot their personal case.

34. Gift Card Cup Cozy  This pattern includes a free printable cutout so that you can display your gift card with your cup cozy.  So cute and perfect for the person that is always on the go with coffee and doesn’t want to burn their fingers on a hot cup.

35. Christmas Tree Stocking  This stocking is so adorable with the tree design built in.  A neutral design that can be made to match the rest of your household or holiday décor, just add candy and toys.

36. Crochet Scrunchies  Do you have velvet yarn laying around or a little girl begging for you to make matching presents for her and her friend’s?  Then you need to make these in all the colors.

37. Elf Worry Worm  Worry worms are great for little kids that like to fidget with something.  Perfect for situations when a little distraction is needed and small enough to not be cumbersome or noticeable.  These work up super fast and make adorable classroom gifts too.

38. Twisted Through the Window Ear Warmer  If you know a football mom that needs something to keep her warm so that she can cheer on her kids, then this is a wonderful gift.  With little pops of color, resembling windowpanes, this trendy accessory will be cherished when it gets cool.

39. Gingerbread Stocking  Who doesn’t love a festive stocking?  Gingerbread men are a traditional cookie that looks even cuter when made into something crocheted.  So sweet you can almost taste it.

40. Christmas Ponytail Holder Hair Tie  Three different ponytail holders are included in this pattern, so get festive with Snowmen, Gingerbread Men, and Reindeer.  Great for kids that have to wear uniforms, but still want to express their holiday spirit.

41. Coffee Mug Amigurumi  When temperatures drop, sitting fireside with some hot cocoa is the BEST.  Pair this with some homemade hot chocolate powder in a mason jar to make a yummy handmade gift.  Add a keychain or string a bunch together as a cute decoration.

42. Shower Puff  If you’re wanting to put together a spa gift, then a shower puff is a perfect addition.  Add washcloths, a soap saver, and some fresh scented soap to a basket with a bow and your set for so many gift giving occasions.

43. Water Bottle Holder  Sport enthusiasts always need to hydrate, so creating a way for them to effortlessly carry their beverage of choice with them is essential.  This unisex holder is great for anyone that wants a stylish way of packing around a water bottle.

44. T-Rex Backpack Buddy  We all know at least one dinosaur fan.  These cute little guys can be made as tiny hand held stuffed toy, or add a keychain so that they can put them on their backpacks.

45. 20 Minute Soap Saver  Do you make handmade soap, or have you come across some independent makers and you want to spruce it up as a gift?

46. Unicorn Ear Bud Holder  How cute are these?  Stocking stuffers or party favors, these ear bud holders are sure to be a hit with the unicorn lovers in your life.

I hope you find a few crochet patterns to put on your to do list this year and have enjoyed seeing designers that may be new to you. I can’t wait to see the kids’ faces when they open their stockings this year. ♥

46 crochet gift and stocking stuffer ideas

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  1. These are such ingenious crochet gift items. Too late for me to make this year, but will start towards a “Just incase” gift box for next year! Thank you for sharing!