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13 Outdoor Crochet Patterns

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I don’t know about where you are, but here summer is in full swing. If you love summertime you’ll love this collection of 13 outdoor crochet projects to soak up every minute of it. Which of these free outdoor crochet patterns will you make first?

outdoor crochet projects

13 Outdoor Crochet Projects

Ahhh, sweet summertime. The scent of Sunscreen, kids giggling while playing in the sprinkler, the sweet taste of grilled corn on the cob, the warm sun on your skin, and seeing something that you’ve created instead of bought.

We don’t traditionally think of crocheting in the summertime, but there is always a way to incorporate your favorite craft into everyday (yes, even on 100° F days!) life.

Of course I’ll be taking my crochet outside with me, but to keep the kids entertained, I’ll also be enjoying items that I’ve already made myself. There’s no better feeling than looking around and seeing outdoor crochet projects that everyone can enjoy.

1. Giant Crochet Checkers  Game  This is the perfect pattern to keep both kids and adults entertained for hours.

outdoor table mat crochet pattern

2. Outdoor Table Mat Need to spruce up your picnic table? Look no further than this gorgeous mat.

How to crochet a target practice for kids

3. Target Practice crochet pattern  If you have a kiddo wanting to try out for a sport that involves pinpointed throwing, then keep them sharp all summer.

4. Crochet Coozie Cover pattern  Is this your can or mine? Different colors will keep you from accidently grabbing another person’s can.

Hacky Sack Crochet Pattern

5. Hacky Sack crochet pattern  Get everyone up and moving trying to keep the sack going person to person. Don’t let it hit the ground!!

Freezer Pop Cozy Crochet patterns

6. Freezer Pop Coozies Keep the little hands from freezing while they enjoy ice pops on a hot summer day! Leave them open or stitch them up on the short end so it can’t fall through.

7. Crochet Water Balloons These balloons are perfect for soaking in water and throwing at one another. They don’t hurt, but they do get you wet! How fun and economical, too!

Free Grilling Apron Crochet Pattern

8. Grilling Apron This grilling apron could double as a gardening apron, or a crafting apron as well! Use the pockets to hold all of your tools and get to work!

Wine Glass Lanyard

9. Wine Glass Lanyard Great for socializing at parties!

How to Make a Ladder Gold Set Using PVC Pipe

10. How to Make a Ladder Golf Game  While the frame is not made using crochet, this is a great game for all get togethers big or small, especially if you have competitive friends or relatives. Use scrap cotton yarn and your Lucet Fork to make the cord, or make an I-Cord for a durable rope!

11. Crochet Jump Rope  Nothing gets the kids going like a game of who can jump rope faster or longest. This pattern is quick and easy.

12. Mason Jar Cover crochet pattern  Great for keeping pesky bugs out of your drink. And you’ll never get your drink mixed up with someone else’s again by using different colors!

13. Monstera Leaf Tapestry Wall Hanging crochet pattern  Have an outdoor area that needs a little more decoration? This beautiful piece will enhance any blank wall.

best outdoor crochet patterns

Your get togethers and barbecues are going to be so amazing with all of these entertainment and decoration ideas that nobody will want to leave cause they’re having so much fun. So let’s get out and enjoy the sunshine, but don’t forget the sunscreen!!

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  1. Ashlea~ I just want to thank you for all the exquisite free patterns you give to the world. You are crazy talented and so very generous. I just want you to know that I am grateful for you. You are a blessing. ❤️ Kap