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31 Useful Crochet Patterns for Babies

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One of the best reasons to crochet is for a new baby. Whether you’re looking for baby blankets, rattles, sleepers. crochet lovies, or stuffies, this collection of 31 useful crochet patterns for babies is sure to have something to please. Grab your yarn and let’s find a project!

useful crochet for babies

31 Useful Baby Items to Crochet

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s nothing that beats a new baby smell. I could just sit and sniff them forever. I recently became a step-grandma and it’s crazy that I can barely remember my own kids being that small. I do remember the late nights, early mornings, and the initial breast feeding struggles, but seeing the men that they are becoming made it all worth it.

Breast Milk: Tips for Increasing Supply, Pumping and Storing

When I had my first son, I was like every new mom and overwhelmed with trying to figure out what I needed and what I simply did not need. To save on money I learned to make my own baby wipes and laundry detergent (babies are so messy).

While you want to keep your babies safe, so baby proofing is a must, you also want to keep in mind what kinds of toys that they play with. Safety eyes are not always a good choice for baby toys, but embroidering a face instead will work just as well.

Babies can get expensive and you want to buy them ALL THE THINGS, but you can save some money by making useful items for them too. Homemade is so much more meaningful because you know how much thought was put into making it. I hand picked a variety of different items to give you some ideas of what kinds of objects that you can make at home instead of buying.

If you’re reading this list of 31 great things to crochet for babies, chances are you’ll also want to check out these 10 Beginner-Friendly Baby Blanket patterns as well. 🙌

Now let’s get to the list of patterns!

whale lovey crochet pattern

1. C2C Crochet in the Round   I love this new to me way of doing corner 2 corner (c2c) in the round rather than the traditional way of doing rows. This technique is great for making baby blankets. It would also be great for making a lovey, just add a cute amigurumi animal on top like in the Whale Lovey pattern here.

Baby Bottle Cleaner Brush Pattern

2. Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush  Babies go through lots of bottles and they can get messy if they get forgotten and the content dries up a bit. A bottle brush can get into the tight places and helps loosen and scrape off the yuck. These work great for canning jars, glasses, or anything else that you need to get in a tight space with.

3. Simple Newborn Sleeper   A sleeper should have easy access for diaper changes so that you don’t have to awaken sleeping babies, and this one does just that. This is a simple sleeper that is comprised of double crochets so that it works up quickly.

Juliet's Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

4. Juliet’s Baby Blanket and Nursing Cover   This pattern can be a blanket, but it can also double as a nursing cover. The Tunisian Honeycomb stitch gives it a beautiful texture. The optional strap for the nursing cover function can also be used as a pacifier clip as well.

how to crochet a hooded towel

5. Newborn Hooded Towel  Hooded towels are especially great at keeping warmth in the little ones after bath time. No heat escapes from their heads and they can dry off faster due to more coverage. Plus babies just look so adorbs in hooded towels.

bear baby sleeper free crochet pattern

6. Baby Bear Newborn Sleeper  Who can resist a baby bear cub all snuggled up asleep? Not me, that’s for sure. The sleeper is long enough to keep their little legs warm and opened on the bottom for easy access.

Beanie Hats for Preemie Babies Free Crochet Pattern

7. Beanie Hat for Preemie Babies  This hat is for the littlest of the littles. It makes a great donation item for your local NICUs. If you are unsure of what size to make, just use the same pattern and change your hook size and voila, multiple sizes of hats.

Adorable elephant pillow crochet pattern for nursery

8. Elephant Pillow  If you or a loved one is making a safari themed nursery, then you need a giant elephant pillow. I adapted my Webster the Elephant Bookmark by using blanket yarn and a larger hook and the outcome was oh so squishy and cute.

Creighton's Blanket: Free Crochet Pattern

9. Creighton’s Blanket   The best part about making a baby blanket for yourself, or someone else, is that you can customize the colors and the textures that you want. As babies grow older, you’re supposed to expose them to new textures and this pattern is perfect for that.

Infant cardigan crochet free pattern

10. Cozy Infant Cardigan  This is the smallest size of the Cozy Coed Cardigan and every baby will look so dapper while wearing it. Make an adult version and you can have an adorable matching combo. The pattern only requires about 200 yards of worsted weight yarn, so it will work up quickly.

11. Newborn Sleep Sack  Sometimes you’re on the go and you don’t have a place to lay down your baby for a nap. This sleep sack will provide a warm comfy place for a little one to take a nap. Both newborn and preemie sizes are included.

12. Rainbow Baby Blanket  A baby born after a loss is often called a “rainbow baby”. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a rainbow baby, or a rainbow lover, then look no further. This pattern uses the Tunisian Chevron stitch and just looks so amazing when done in different colors.

13. Drawstring Sleep Sack  The Herringbone Half Double crochet stitch gives this such an elegant and unique look. I love the crab stitch border and how it cleans up all of the edges and makes it look so professionally made. If you don’t want to crochet a drawstring, try using a Lucet Fork instead.

14. Bear-ly Scary Beanie  “That’s the way the teddy bears have their picnic.” There’s no surprises here on how soft and warm this beanie is. Made with Bernat Pipsqueak yarn, this is great for any sensitive skins and perfect for little heads.

15. Child Size Crochet Shorts  These are the baby version of the Staycation Shorts. Perfect for warmer weather and photo shoots. Something simple to slip over a diaper if you’re heading out or need to quickly dress a baby. They use little yarn and work up quickly.

16. Rockin’ Romper   When warm weather strikes, this is the perfect little outfit for a little one to run around in. Available in sizes newborn to 2/3T. Because you want it airy and light, cotton yarn is recommended instead of acrylic.

17. Crochet Pentagon Ball   This ball will travel through the ages from newborn to child. Stuff it with a fabric ball (instructions to make one are included) instead of polyfil so that stuffing won’t leak out if chewed on.

18. Snowman Lovey   These adorable snowmen won’t melt and will keep your little one comforted and warm as they play. Two styles of noses are included so you can choose between a carrot or a Satsuma.

19. Boho Baby Bib   If you or someone you know is into the Boho vibe, then this is an adorable version of a bib that is sure to please. These would look so cute at a wedding or other formal occasions. Style meets functionality and this will keep the babies clothes clean during feedings.

20. Crochet Baby Sneakers   Baby sneakers seem to always be in style and are just too cute for words. This pattern is worked in flat rows and stitched together at the end. Add in some cute laces and the recipient will be styling.

21. Puppy Lovey   “And they called it puppy love.” Babies and puppies are always cute together, so this pattern is no exception. Embellish with bows and ribbons to create a more personalized gift for the recipient.

22. Classic Teddy Bear   You can’t go wrong with a classic teddy bear. They have been loved on since 1902, so hopefully this bear will be loved and passed on to the next generation. The finished bear is 9 inches tall, so it’s perfect for little hands to hold on to.

23. New Baby Gift Card Holder   Not everyone is so easy to buy for, shipping costs too much, or you just want to give them a little extra to get the things that they don’t know that they need right away. Whatever the reason, a gift card is always a great present to receive, so why not make a cute holder to personalize it?

24. Crochet Crown   Keep little ears warm with this cute crown. It is great for photo props, birthday parties, or just for showing off your little prince or princess. It is written for a 4 month old, but includes instructions on how to adjust the size.

25. Classic Crochet Baby Booties   The one thing that every baby needs is something to keep their cute little feet warm. This unisex, classic bootie pattern will do just that and would look cute in every color. Made with worsted weight yarn, so they work up quickly.

26. Pryor Creek Jr Baby Sweater   Available in sizes 3 months to 4T, this bottom up sweater is so adorable. Made for boys and girls. The post stitches give it a beautiful and squishy texture. It is designed with a wide neckline and raglan style sleeves.

27. Baby Mittens  Two sizes, 6-12 months and 12-18 months, are included in this pattern. These mittens are designed without separated thumb holes, so don’t worry about trying to find baby fingers to push into small areas.

28. Spiral Kitty Lovey   “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.” The adorable kitty is just a bonus to this already beautiful pattern. I love the open and airy stitch used to create the pretty spiral effect. The embroidered  face makes it safe for babies too.

29. Monkey Lovey   “One little Monkey jumping on the bed.” This one won’t fall off and bump their head, but they will keep a little one soothed and be a perfect little best friend for years. I love the granny square blanket that this one is paired with. Too cute!

30. Rainbow Baby Rattle   Every baby needs a rattle to keep them curious about where the sound is coming from. The bobbles give the rattle a textured surface that babies love to touch and play with. The cute Boho vibe makes it cute enough to be an attractive décor item if the child outgrows playing with it.

31. Old and New Friends Lovey   Tunisian meets regular crochet in this sweet pattern. Sleepy elephant equals sleepy baby, right? This is the perfect gift for the elephant lover in your life or anyone with a safari themed nursery.

I hope you found something useful that you didn’t realize that you needed or the perfect baby shower gift for a loved one. Give that sweet baby an extra snuggle for me.

31 useful crochet baby patterns

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